Redback 40V Cordless Garden Tools

  • By Javier
  • January 17, 2016
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Nowadays cordless outdoor power equipment is nothing new and several brands have come out with their own lines of cordless lawn equipment, so it’s no surprise another brand has hit the scene. A company called Redback with a spider as a logo has a very interesting line of cordless outdoor power equipment powered by 40V lithium ion batteries. 40V cordless tech in the outdoor power equipment world is not ground breaking in today’s terms but offers a nice blend of performance at a more affordable price point when compared to higher voltage lines.

Redback offers the usual lawn equipment such as a  16″ mower, 385 CFM leaf blower, 22″ hedge trimmer, 12″ string trimmer, and 12″ & 14″ chainsaws but they also go above and beyond with a pole saw, a tripod stand double LED flood light, and even an earth auger. I’ve seen all of the above cordless power tools in cordless form in one way or another but I am fascinated with the idea of a cordless battery powered earth auger. Anyone that’s dug holes in the ground using a shovel and back breaking labor knows the usefulness of an earth auger – and it’s great to see it in the form of battery powered cordless.

(Edit) They also offer an Ebike compatible with their 40V battery!

The Redback line offers several battery capacities to choose from with 2.0, 4.0, and even 6.0 amp hour batteries and they also offer a wearable belt to store batteries, and also feature a USB power bank to charge your mobile devices although the power bank requires separate Redback 40V batteries to operate. This is a very interesting line looking at mid-range cordless performance at a more affordable price point than 56V systems or higher.

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