RUMOR – Cordless Dust Extractor from Milwaukee in the works?

I was watching a video on Youtube the other day and it was talking about a few Milwaukee tools that recently debuted over in the UK. Basically they were new to them but already out here in the USA, but what I thought was of HUGE interest was that the conversation between the host of the video and a Milwaukee rep makes it seem there might be a new Milwaukee cordless or battery powered dust extractor in the works. This would be a budget option for woodworkers home, however, devices like these wouldn’t be able to stand up to products featured on, would they?

You basically have to read between the lines. The video is provided below and starts right where the conversation talks about dust extractors. All credit goes to Skill Builder who made the video.

“Dust extraction is becoming a big thing”

“yeah I mean even on cordless tools, the trend is towards cordless tools, but we have to put dust extraction on everything”

“which means we have to hook up to the mains again”

“we do”

“At the moment…”

“at the moment but you know where it’s going”

“Well I’m guessing you have a cordless dust extractor that’ll work along with this thing?”

“well there you go”

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