Ryobi 18V Brushless Hammer Drill P1813 arrives in USA and it’s a beast!

I wrote over a year ago about Ryobi coming out with a couple of new brushless 18V compact drills (a 1/2″ drill driver and hammer drill). Back then we didn’t know if these would ever make it here in the USA. I have good news and bad news for you guys. The bad news is that we still don’t have those new brushless compact 18V drills here in North America yet. The GOOD news is that we have something potentially better – a completely new model with more power with a brawny 750 in-lbs of max torque. This new model is the Ryobi 18V Brushless Hammer Drill P1813. This is over 200 in-lbs torque compared to the European models that pump out a respectable 531 in-lbs torque.


Ryobi 18V Brushless Hammer Drill P1813

  • Battery: 18V
  • Chuck: 1/2” Keyless
  • RPM: 0-410 / 0-1,800 RPM (No Load Speed)
  • BPM: 0-5,400 / 0-23,000
  • Torque: Up to 750 in.-lbs.
  • Clutch: 24 Positions
  • Weight: 3.15 lbs.
  • Brushless motor provides 50% longer runtime and extended tool life when compared to brushed motors
  • Powerful design produces up to 750 in-lbs torque to handle the most demanding drilling and driving applications
  • 25% more compact than previous model
  • 25% better performance than previous model
  • 24 position clutch and 2-speed gear box high speed or high torque performance needs
  • 1/2 in. all-metal, keyless, ratcheting chuck for increased strength and durability
  • Clutch override for quick mode changes:
  • Drill Mode: For drilling holes in wood, plastic, and metal
  • Drive Mode: For driving screws and bolts
  • Hammer Mode: For drilling holes in masonry and concrete
  • LED Light illuminates the work area and remains on for a time after trigger is released
  • Belt clip mounts to both sides of drill for convenience
  • Auxiliary handle assembly included for accuracy while drilling
  • New and improved GRIPZONE™ with microtexture for optimum grip and user comfort
  • MAGTRAY™ magnetic holder for convenient storage of screws and bits
  • Onboard bit storage for convenience


P251 Brushless Hammer Drill, P108 4Ah High Capacity LITHIUM+™ Battery, P117 Dual Chemistry Charger, Screwdriver Bit, Auxiliary Handle Assembly, Tool Bag and Operator’s Manual

LAUNCH DATE: November 2016
RETAIL: $149, exclusively sold at The Home Depot

750 in-lbs of torque is impressive for even pro brands making this a high torque drill. Three years ago this drill would be among the top brands and their best high torque drills, although many of the pro brands today have past the 1000 in-lbs torque barrier with the likes of Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee.

And just like the previous Ryobi 18V 1/2″ brushed hammer drill I reviewed, this new model also comes with a side handle to grab on tight when working with all that torque. Pricing is good for a brushless drill at $149 in kit form and also comes with a high capacity 4.0 ah lithium ion pack with fuel gauge. The only downside is that it only comes with one battery but this battery should give you more runtime than two 1.5 ah batteries. Other notable feature included is the separate mode collar that switches between drilling, screwdriving, and hammer drill mode, separately from the torque clutch collar.

For those of you hoping for the release of the Euro brushless model are probably going to miss the E-torque feature of the R18PDBL-0 model as the North American model doesn’t have any fancy tech or gizmos. This doesn’t bother me as the North American model has more huevos!

Note: I have reviewed the new USA Ryobi 18V brushless hammer drill. Check out my review on it by clicking here.

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So, I really wish they’d either stepped up farther to the plate, or released this a few years ago.

Two years ago when their current hammer drill dropped (p214) I picked one up. 600in/lbs, hammer drill, metal ratching chuck, it was just enough to get me to bite. Overall its been a great solid drill for 95% of what I do with one. 150in/lbs more and brushless isn’t enough for me to replace it though for another $150…

Its a shame though, if they’d upped it a bit more, I could probably convince myself I needed it…. 🙂


You seem to be a very negative person. It’s not lack of stepping up further to the plate to develop new products one at a time and release improvements with each new generation at a good price point.

If you didn’t want the P214 you shouldn’t have bought it. The same goes for anything in life. Don’t buy a new car because the next model might be better. Don’t marry your wife because the next gal that comes along might be better.
Don’t read this reply because the next one might be better.

Life is for living, not for regret.

suraj tiwari

I liked your way of giving a reply. don’t marry your girl because it might happen that the next girl would be better. very funny.
mouth shutting reply…:-):-):-)

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