Ryobi 18V Compact Hedger & Shear

Ryobi made a new 18V cordless hedge trimmer but it’s an interesting new design. It’s compact and one handed.

Basically they gave the hedge trimmer a similar treatment to how Milwaukee made the Hackzall, which essentially took a recip saw (Sawzall) and made it more compact and a one handed design.

Ryobi says this model has a lightweight design to reduce user fatigue, and is great for maintaining and shaping bushes and shrubs around the home.

It also doubles as a mini grass shears by the ability to swap out the included accessory for grass clipping.

Clearly this isn’t a tool designed for the mass market but more for the user that’s looking for something very lightweight and probably finds a traditional hedge trimmer model as too heavy but still wants to trim bushes and hedges themselves. The grass shears ability also adds to it’s appeal for some.

I wan’t to let you guys know I spotted this tool in the Ryobi Australia website which means it not available here in the USA.

  • 20cm bar length
  • 8mm cut capacity
  • 10cm grass shear width
  • 18V motor

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That one in your link is the old model. Here in Australia it was recently replaced by the one Javier posted.

I had one of the old ones and just sold it as it was ergonomically awkward to use. I looked at the new one but decided to go with Makitas Cxt 12v version instead.

Its far better balanced, much better built and featured, and has little to no less power.

Although if you have only Ryobi, the new version is better ergonomically than the old one and obviouly the best choice.