Ryobi 18V Cordless Bug Lantern / Repeller P2401

I wrote about the Ryobi 18V Cordless Bug Lantern P2401 last year back in March 8, 2018 and it was supposed to be released the same year in the Spring season. But fast forward until today and it is not currently listed on the HD site. I’m not sure if it did make an appearance during the 2018 year and was since pulled or if it never made it to market but what’s interesting is that today, I spotted a video on the RyobiTV Youtube channel with a new video regarding the Finland release of this tool.

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USA Model

There is a difference between the USA version that was supposed to have released last year compared to the one shown in Finland and the only difference I can tell is the color scheme. The USA variant is black with light gray and Ryobi green accents while the Finland version is mainly Ryobi green with light gray and black accents. I also want to mention that you can find the same model spotted in Finland in the UK and it’s called the Ryobi OBR1800 One Plus Cordless Bug Repeller.

UK Model

This sounds like a great new tool because my family loves to hang out in the backyard when the weather is nice but the pests keep us inside. Something like this will help keep the mosquitoes away.

This strange but interesting new tool runs on a Ryobi One+ 18V battery and also uses repellent to ward off the bugs. With this combo it will have the ability to repel bugs up to 15 feet away. Being a lantern, it’s also a light and offers three lighting options which I will assume means 3 different brightness settings.

Again, this was supposed to have released Spring 2018 with a retail price of $79.97. I am not sure if it is baretool only for that price but the picture is shown with a 2.0 ah battery so it might come as a kit for the price.

Enjoy your outdoor living space without unwanted pests. The Ryobi One+ 18v bug lantern provides a 15′ by 15′ zone of protection to keep your backyard area virtually bug-free. Choose from three lighting options to illuminate your outdoor oasis as the sun goes down.

  • 3 stage lighting
  • on / off function for repellent
  • on borad storage for repellent pads
  • one+ battery compatible with over 100 tools
  • online only
  • available spring 2018

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This looks interesting. I hope we see it in Australia, bugs are bad in summer where I live lol.


It’s funny you post this, because earlier this week I bought the ryobi rotary tool and I noticed on some of the info in the box a bunch of ryobi items. Some of which aren’t posted anywhere or available yet. This was one of them. You can actually find things that are coming soon just from what comes in the box with Ryobi.


Another item is the cordless seed spreader which i think will be interesting especially if it can be used with scotts weed & feed.


This is actually a repost article from March of last year. I’m surprised it isn’t out yet, especially considering it was scheduled for spring of last year 2018.


There needs to be a Ryobi One+ Bug Zapper…the 5000 volt variety. 🙂

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