Ryobi 18V Evercharge Stick Vacuum P718K – Now Brushless!

Ryobi isn’t new to cordless vacuums as they’ve had many from dust buster style to portable wet dry vacs. Not too long ago they came out with the first Evercharge cordless stick vacuum that had a dust buster style body and came with a charging cradle to dock the vac and charge the battery. This seemed like a direct attempt to compete with the many Black + Decker cordless dust buster vacs. Fast forward to today and Ryobi now has a new 18V Evercharge stick vacuum that’s similar to the previous Evercharge model but yet radically different.

The new Ryobi 18V Evercharge P718K model shares the similar built in charger and docks with the cradle to charge the battery and the main body somewhat resembles the previous Evercharge vacuum but the design is different. Sure you can still use the new model as a dust buster, with the right attachment, but it’s now properly suited as a stick vacuum. Now Ryobi looks like they are directly competing with cordless stick vacs such as Dyson models and Shark models.

Attached with the extension wand and floor attachment makes it a well suited stick vac. It also features a brushless motor, something that Ryobi has been putting in a lot of new cordless tools lately. The brushless motor will yield up to 45 minutes of runtime with a P108 battery. Other features include an on-board LED light that notifies user when battery is fully charged and a high / low power modes to clean a variety of surfaces. As I mentioned earlier you can use it as a regular dust buster with the extension removed and the included crevice attachment installed. You also get a dust brush for use on upholstery and the included filter is a HEPA rated filter.

This really does appear to be a premium vac with all it’s features and it will command a premium price of $199 as a kit with battery, and charging cradle dock. The only downside I can think of is that the extension wand or the vac itself does not pivot to help you reach underneath things like sofas, for that you’ll need to bend down yourself to achieve the correct angle to do so. The reason I bring this up is because other cordless stick vacs have the ability to pivot and help you out so you don’t have to bend as much.

I don’t know when it will be available for sale but I expect it should be out soon.

A big thanks to Raymond Parkhill for sharing the tip of the new Ryobi P718K!

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Raymond Parkhill

Thanks for the shout out at the end!


I’ve been looking for a cordless stick and not liking the battery usage with most. My application will be only occasional, and it seems that is a problem. If the Ryobi stick fits all the 18V batteries my husband uses for tools, I’ll be in like flynn. Afterall, none of his tools suffer when underused. Here’s hoping. 🙂


I came across this post after seeing a Ryobi Stick advertised on Home Depot. I have a Ryobi drill, so it would make sense to stick (no pun intended) with the same type of batteries, but the only thing that puts me off at this point is the part where you have to bend down to get the stick to reach into those low areas – that’s where a canister vac seems to do better. You don’t have to bend quite as far if you don’t need to. Still some thinking to do, I guess. Thanks for the review. It… Read more »

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