Ryobi 18V Power File R18PF-0 Spotted In Australia

I’ve been saying that Ryobi’s 18V line has the most variety of cordless tools and that isn’t about to change anytime soon as they’ve added another unique tool to their lineup with the Ryobi 18V Power File R18PF-0 which was spotted in Australia.

The Ryobi 18V power file is not a new tool as there are several manufacturers that make these, most notably pneumatic and plug in electric, however this is the first time I’ve seen one as a cordless unit. It’s basically a thin belt sander with most of the belt being exposed meaning it has extended reach and it’s thin profile means it can fit into tight spots. I like the way Ryobi names it because it actually makes sense you’d use this in the same applications you’d use a manual hand tool file. Although it only really replaces flat files as it still couldn’t replace a tri-file or round files. The round tip might be able to do some things a round file can but still can’t replace it entirely.

Features are very simple which include variable speeds, tool less belt replacement and lock on button.

As I said in the outset, it was spotted in Australia which means it’s not available in the USA at the moment. I don’t know if or when it will be available in the USA but as we’ve seen other overseas Ryobi tools, there’s a pretty good chance it will make it’s way to the USA in the future.

A big thanks to Glenn and Cody Robertson for spotting!

  • Variable speed to effectively sand a wide range of materials
  • Lock-on button to prevent user fatigue
  • Tool-less tension locking for quick belt fitting and adjustments

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When I saw this article I literally said ooooohhhh out load lol. With as much metal as I use, this would be great especially if Ridgid comes out with one. If not I may get into the Ryobi line or pick up a Ridgid to Ryobi battery adapter. I believe Metabo might be the only other brand that offers a cordless power file but Bosch might have one too. I hope this comes to NA


I will definitely be buying this. I have had Ryobi’s corded version for about five years now and since the day I bought it. I thought, why cant this be cordless? My main uses are for cleaning up tubing, prepping for and levelling welds on pipes etc. Cordless will only make it more convenient.

The price here is $149 which is what the corded version sold for when I bought it, so I think its fairly priced. I expect you guys in the USA should see it there for under $100.


I know Metabo makes an 18V cordless one, model # BF18LTX90, and Ingersoll Rand and Proxxon both have 12V models. The Ryobi will definitely add an option at a much lower price point though!