Ryobi 18V USB Power Source / Power Adapter

Glenn wrote in about a new 18V power source from Ryobi. This has been spotted over in Australia at the Bunnings Warehouse which is a store similar to our Home Depot stores.

The new Ryobi 18V power source has two USB ports so you can charge your mobile devices on the go. One USB port is rated for 2.1 amps while the other is rated at 1 amps.

  • 2 x USB outlets with 1x1A & 1×2.1A charge speed
  • Detects accepted charge rate of device to minimise charge time
  • Compatible with all Ryobi ONE+ batteries

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Tommy Shelton

Man, as a Ryobi fan boy (intersection of price, quality, variety) sure seems like I picked the wrong continent. Australia gets all the cool neon green!


Really wish Ryobi had these available in the US. Ended up buying the USBeast version.

James C

Nice! I’ve considered the m12 version but it seems pricey for what you get. Knowing Ryobi, I imagine this will be in the impulse buy price range. It’s a no-brainer to have one of these for camping or emergencies. I’m sure I’ll get one anyway, but I wish it had a battery fuel gauge and maybe a small led flashlight built in. Don’t need anything fancy, buy it would be helpful in emergencies.


“Battery Fuel Gauge”…the Li batteries have one built in…adding feature will make it more $.