Ryobi 40V 7.5 Ah Ultra High Capacity Battery

A new Ryobi kit for a cordless mower was spotted with a brand new 40V 7.5 Ah Ultra High Capacity Battery.

Up until now, the highest capacity battery for the Ryobi 40V system was their 6.0 ah batteries but with the new 7.5 ah 40V battery, they’ve pushed the runtime limits even further. What’s interesting is that while the 4.0, 5.0 and even the 6.0 ah 40V Ryobi batteries all have the same size and form factor, the new 7.5 ah battery is significantly taller. This means it’s packing more battery cells than the other three batteries. I bet it has similar cells as those in the 5.o battery with an extra set of cells which means that if they used the same cells from the 6.0 ah battery, they could potentially make a similarly sized 9.0 ah 40V battery pack!

Just like the other 40V Ryobi batteries, the new 7.5 ah battery has a built in 4 bar fuel gauge to check remaining battery charge.

This battery is priced at $229.00.

A big thanks to DrewBHAM for spotting!

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Awesome…so now the included charger will take six hours or longer. Ryobi seriously needs to upgrade all chargers…40V AND 18V. The battery has great cells however. Samsung INR18650-25R (x30!).


I looked it up and according to HD, with the included charger bundled with the Y401130 mower kit, it takes 5 hours to charge the 7.5ah battery. Nowhere anywhere near as fast as Ego’s fast charger who can charge their larger 7.5ah battery in 60 minutes however we have to keep in mind Ryobi is a budget brand. They make great stuff within a certain pricepoint and certain features like their charge times reflect that. I’m sure they could include much faster chargers however they would have to raise kit prices higher, higher than most consumers probably would be willing… Read more »


Agree with the extra cost, separately purchased charger idea. I actually run the One+ 18V UK chargers (Ebay) on a 120VAC to 230VAC converter, because they charge at 5A instead of the US charger’s 2.4A. (I use the 18V 9Ah packs exclusively.)


I bought the mower kit that included this battery. I noticed a few things different. Taller, longer, and listed as an “HP”. Also noticed additional tabs on the connection side similar to the tabs on the 18V HP batteries. The 7.5AH in the picture is different from the one sold separately (also in the link). Any chance you can get answers from Ryobi? Even the new 40V HP tools do not have the extra tab so its keeping me wondering.