Ryobi 40V Rapid Charger OP406A

A new Ryobi 40V Rapid Charger OP406A has been spotted. This is great news as Ryobi’s 40V batteries can take several hours to charge using current chargers.

When this charger was first spotted, the Ryobi 40V Rapid Charger OP406A listing didn’t have any actual specific battery charge time numbers. Only had a general marketing statement saying that “On average, this charger charges 40V batteries in 1-hour or less”. However the good news is that HD added a new picture listing charge times and a big thanks to DrewBHAM for spotting, we now know how fast this bad boy can charge.

According to the above picture, we now see that this rapid charger is faster than I had originally thought. I assumed it could charge a 4.0 ah battery in 60 minutes however it does better than that at 40 minutes. It can charge a 2.0 ah battery in 30 minutes, a 5.0 ah battery in 50 minutes, 6.0 in 60 minutes and a 7.5 ah battery in 75 minutes making it around 10 minutes per amp hour as DrewBHAM mentioned. Still though, as fast as this new 40V Ryobi rapid charger is, it’s still not as fast as class leading as the Ego fast charger can charge a higher voltage and higher capacity 56V 7.5ah battery in an hour. Though the Ryobi rapid charger is a lot closer than ever!

Other features include advanced charging technology for battery protection and extended life and indicator lights that let you know if the batteries are too hot or cold to charge.

It is priced at $99 at the time of writing.

A big thanks to Seth Davis for spotting!

  • Compatible with all RYOBI 40-Volt lithium-ion batteries
  • Advanced charging technology for battery protection and extended life
  • For use with RYOBI 40-Volt batteries only
  • Indicator lights that show the status as batteries are charged and maintained
  • LED temperature gauge lighting
  • Batteries sold separately
  • 3-year limited warranty

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  • DrewBHAM says:

    The Home Depot web site has a picture up that shows charging times for the different batteries. 30 minutes for the 2 AH, 40 minutes for the 4 AH, 50 minutes for the 5 AH, 60 minutes for the 6 AH and 75 minutes for 7 AH. It looks like it takes about 10 minutes to charge each amp hour.


  • Art says:

    So whats the current thinking about how reliable the 40v batteries are? Will the rapid charger help? I realize Ryobi is at a DIY price point and if you keep your receipt they’ll exchange batteries during 3 year warranty (I’ve done this with 18v twice). But you don’t want to have to do this a lot. I’ve also read they made an upgrade to the BMS board in the 40v.

    • Javier says:

      I don’t have any Ryobi 40V batteries at the moment so I can’t say from personal experience but I do have Ryobi 18V batteries that are at least 2 years old if not older and have experienced zero issues whatsoever. Honestly, in my experiences is that battery longevity has more to do with how the user maintains the battery. If the user lets the battery get fully depleted and leave it in that condition for an extended period of time will most likely guarantee to kill the life of the battery. Otherwise, maintaining a battery properly and making sure it is never left drained for too long will keep them running good for years. Regular use also affects max runtime and performance but even so these batteries can last many years if properly maintained.

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