Ryobi 80V 1000W Power Source

Ryobi has announced an all new 80V 1000W power source that works on their large 80V riding mower batteries. Let’s check it out below.

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Ryobi 80V 1000W Power Source RY80BG02 – Features

Ryobi 80V 1000W Power Source RY80BG02

This power source runs on Ryobi’s 80V batteries. These are the ones found on their 80V riding mowers and massive push mowers. It’s basically an inverter that uses battery power to provide usable AC power for household items like flatscreen TV’s and appliances. It can run anything up to 1000 watts. That makes it perfect for camping, emergencies such as power outages, and even good for tailgating.

Ryobi 80V 1000W Power Source RY80BG02

The power source shown above by itself.

Ryobi 80V 1000W Power Source RY80BG02

Above we can see it attached and hooked up to Ryobi’s 80V (briefcase style) battery. It attaches securely and the battery handle makes it easy to transport. It also attaches directly to 80V batteries using the included attached cord.

The battery port cable also allows to be connected directly to Ryobi 80V HP electric riding tractors. This allows to tap into the 3 onboard 80V batteries for even longer runtime on tap.

Ryobi 80V 1000W Power Source RY80BG02

On the front of the unit you’ll find a backlit LCD display with power button and including an AC power button. The display shows current watt usage and remaining battery percentage. It includes two 120V AC ports with pure sine wave and 3 USB ports. Two USB-A (18W) and one USB-C (60W) port are available. It offers 1000 running watts with 1800 peak watts.

Ryobi 80V 1000W Power Source RY80BG02 – Pricing & Availability

It will be available in April 2024 for $279.

  • 1800 starting watts, 1000 running watts
  • Can operate on a single battery or multiple via 80V HP Electric Riding Lawn Tractor
  • Use to charge phones, laptops, handheld devices, batteries, and more
  • Use to power appliances, fans, lights, TV’s, fridges and more
  • Connect directly to RYOBI 80V batteries when on the go while camping or tailgating
  • Utilize RYOBI 80V tractor riding mowers charging port to power home during a power outage
  • Ideal for indoor use with zero emissions and quiet operation
  • Safe for sensitive electronics using pure sine wave technology
  • LCD screen displays battery level and load level
  • Built in cable management allows you to wrap cord around the power source for storage
  • Extended reach with 3ft. cable
  • Included mounting plate attaches the power source to 80V battery for convenient carrying
  • Outlets: (1) USB-C, (2) USB-A, (2) 120V
  • Compatible for use with RYOBI 80V HP Electric Riding Lawn Tractor: RYRM8060, RYRM8070
  • Compatible with all 80V batteries
  • Batteries sold separately
  • Part of the RYOBI 80V System
  • 5-year manufacturer’s tool warranty
  • Includes: 80V 1000 Watt Power Source, Mounting Plate, and Operator’s Manual

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