Ryobi Finally Releases P195 Compact 18V 3.0 ah Lithium+ HP Battery!

For years, we’ve been expecting Ryobi to release their compact 18V 3.0 ah battery, especially after all the hype and excitement but I was a little disappointed when they finally gave us a new 3.0 ah battery last year and it was a fatpack 10 cell battery. Sure it was part of the new Lithium+ HP battery line to offer better performance with brushless tools but it still wasn’t the highly anticipated compact 5 cell battery we were all expecting. Fortunately, they’ve finally released a compact 5 celled 3.0 ah battery P195 and yes, it’s a Lithium+ HP battery for better performance with brushless tools.

It’s going to be shorter and more compact than than the 10 celled 3.0 ah battery but it appears to be a little thicker and taller than current compact 1.5 ah batteries, most likely due to bigger spacing between cells for better heat management like they did with the 6.0’s. Just like their other premium batteries, it has a 4 bar fuel gauge built in.

A big thanks to DrewBHAM for spotting and sharing!

  • Built-in 4-bar illuminated charge indicator to warn of diminishing charge
  • Stands up to frigid weather conditions
  • Lithium-ion chemical composition resists drainage when idle
  • Recharge on any 18-Volt ONE+ dual-chemistry charger (sold separately)
  • Easily snaps into place and detaches with quick-release button
  • Light-weight composition results in less user fatigue
  • Fade-free power for maximum performance
  • Battery delivers superior runtime, power, and performance
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Christopher Plank

I read the SDS from the Home Depot website on this P195 battery. It says they are using the new INR21700 battery cells instead of the old 18650s!


Sony and LG make 18650 cells that are 3.0ah and have 20 amp discharge ratings. Why not use those instead? Milwaukee and others do. This is a 3.0 battery that’s darn near as big as a 10 cell battery that has a lot more capacity. Too bad.


The Samsung INR21700-30T used in the P195 Ryobi battery pack is a legit 40A cell. No 18650-sized cell can output that amount of continuous current without overheating (and the Sony 18650s used in the 4.0, 6.0, and 9.0Ah Ryobi HP packs are all outstanding cells, just not at 40A each row)



I know 21700 can carry more current, but it isn’t needed. Even on 100 degree days, I’ve never overheated an 18650 pack. I personally would take a smaller pack that has the same capacity. Or maybe if they used 4.0ah 21700s this pack would make sense.

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