Ryobi Lockable Door Hanging Wall Storage – Also Have An Open Shelf Model

After a small Ryobi break, here’s another new Ryobi sighting, this time around new storage solutions with the Ryobi Lockable Door Hanging Wall Storage and also the similar Ryobi open shelf hanging wall storage model.

Both of these units are small wall storage cabinets made out of sheet metal and 4 integrated slots on the bottom to hold 4 cordless tools hanging upside down. This is a very popular solution many DIY’ers make for themselves however Ryobi offers a ready out of the box solution that requires no setup or ingenuity.

I like Ryobi’s design because it’s simple and because they throw a couple of extras like peg boards on both sides for additional hanging storage and an additional shelf on top with tiny walls to prevent stuff from sliding off the sides. They also have holes on the sides so you can place a charger on the inside of the cabinet and run the power cord through the sides. As mentioned in the outset there are two models, one with a lockable main front door and the other without front door and additional interior shelf.

Both models are available now however they are currently available in Australia. They are both inexpensive at $79AU and $89AU for the open shelf and lockable models respectively. In USD they’d be about $55.58 and $62.61. Let’s hope these make their way here in the USA.

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I prefer putting these tools on my workbench.