Ryobi One+ Brushless 18V 10″ Sliding Miter Saw P3650B uses Two Batteries for 36V Power

A new cordless Ryobi miter saw just popped up on the Home Depot website, the Ryobi One+ 18V 10″ Sliding Miter Saw P3650B !

Let’s start off by saying this isn’t Ryobi’s first cordless miter saw as they’ve had one for many years, a non sliding 7-1/4″ model both in the new Ryobi green along with the older Ryobi blue color.

What makes the new model interesting is that it has a combination of features that make it very appealing. It has a brushless motor that powers a larger 10 inch blade, it’s a sliding miter saw, with dual bevel, and check this out, even though it’s marketed as an 18V tool, it actually requires two 18V batteries to put out a higher voltage of 36V! So we’re getting a more powerful 36V tool BABY!!!

Basically they’re doing what Makita has been doing with their X2 line of cordless power tools that use two 18V batteries together to double the voltage to 36 volts. And as a reminder, Dewalt does the same thing with their Flexvolt 12″ miter saws that use two Flexvolt batteries to pump out 120V Max.

As I was saying, this new miter saw has popped up on the Home Depot site. It’s currently marked as unavailable but this is because it’s so new of an item. It will be available in June 2017. It’s priced at $299 as a baretool without batteries or charger.

Product Overview

Ryobi introduces the first tool in its ONE+ONE lineup: the 18-Volt 10 in. Cordless Brushless Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw. The ONE+ONE system uses 2 ONE+ 18-Volt batteries for 2X the power, for a full 36-Volts of Max Power. Not only is this saw powerful, it’s extremely portable: carry it anywhere and cut what you need without the hassle of a cord or trying to find an electrical outlet. The brushless motor provides longer runtime and longer tool life, while the dual bevel design allows you to move the saw, not the material, for faster and more accurate cuts. The sliding head provides a maximum capacity of up to a 12 in. cross cut. See below for more information.

  • Uses 2 ONE+ 18-Volt batteries (not included) for 2X the power – 36-Volt max power
  • Compatible with all ONE+ 18-Volt batteries
  • Over 800 cuts per charge with Ryobi P194 batteries
  • For max performance, use high capacity Ryobi batteries
  • Brushless motor provides longer runtime and longer life
  • Sliding head provides maximum capacity for up to 12 in. cross cut
  • Dual Bevel design allows the user to move the saw, not the material, for faster and more accurate cuts
  • Extended miter ranges from 45° left to 50° right to accommodate a wide variety of cuts
  • Cuts 2x materials at 45° right and left bevels
  • Miter detent override provides quick-action lever bypass with one simple motion
  • Miter stops located at the most common crown molding angles 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, and 45° left and right for quick cut settings
  • Machined cast-in miter scale for accurate table alignment
  • Adjustable EXACTLINE laser alignment system accurately aligns cutline with blade
  • Spindle lock for easy, single wrench blade changes
  • Electric brake stops the blade in seconds
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Includes: P3650 Miter Saw, 10 in. Carbide Tipped Blade, Work Clamp, and Blade Wrench


  • Wild Goose says:

    Okay, now you got my attention Ryobi! Can’t wait to see this thing in the flesh!

  • abnormalist says:

    What I want to know more about is the p194 batteries… Does this mean we’re FINALLY getting bigger AH batteries from Ryobi?

    The current 4ah that is their largest is the p108, and the twin pack is the p122, so P194 is a new product code

  • Patrick says:

    I find no evidence anywhere at Ryobi or Home Depot’s sites of this. Can you please provide your source? I am skeptical of this right now.

    • Javier says:

      Home Depot website

      • Patrick says:

        I was more asking if you could provide a link to it, I could not find it. Thanks!

        • Tool Craze says:

          I got all the info from the home Depot website and they have pulled the link since the last time I checked. I can give you the link but since they pulled the page it won’t take you anywhere. I can assure the link was active when writing this article.
          You’re going to have faith and trust me on this one.
          And this is common practice with home Depot listing items then pulling the links soon after and then making them active again later.

          • aaron says:

            Javier, I would really like to see you get your hands on one of these and do a video review on it. I really like watching you tool reviews

  • Rob says:

    I too was quite curious about this saw and the newly listed P194 battery, more so the battery than the saw as like many others have been long awaiting a lager capacity battery. I figured in 3 years they would have had plenty of time to get us a bigger battery. Well I got curious enough to call Ryobi (One World Technology ) this past Friday and got the scoop from the source. Two new batteries coming out later this year according to the rep who spilled the beans after I pressed about the model numbers.
    Ryobi P190 5ah High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery
    Ryobi P194 9ah High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery

    I asked for more details on availability, the 5ah batteries should be ” out within a month maybe 2″ but the 9ah batteries are still in the production phase in China, she said ” likely 3 to 4 months potentially longer”. From the limited information she knew it sounds like once produced in China, they had to be inspected once they got to the US then whatever else happens before we see them on the shelves. Overall she was helpful and I am glad to learn of the upcoming batteries, we could sure use them! The link below gives a b/w photo of the new P194. Hopefully I helped by sharing what I learned Friday.


    • Patrick says:

      Good catch, I saw that too but initially wrote it off as a typo.

      • Rob says:

        I am hoping Ryobi comes out with the 6ah battery instead of the 5 using the newer LG cells, also the P190 manual shows a slim pack, so maybe she gave me the wrong model number for the 5.0, but she did say there was a 5.0 coming soon. I build my own batteries now so I am not in as big of a hurry with the exception of the 9ah , I really want that one out yesterday.

  • Pro1er says:

    As you can imagine, this saw is going to need larger capacity batteries. Word is that Ryobi is coming out with a 3,6 & 9Ah battery pack.

  • D C says:

    When will this be coming available? I want it!

  • I live in the US, and I found the description on Ryobi’s site(May 29th, 2017)

    I wonder what other products will be part of the One+One line. Ryobi had a flash sale 5/28/2017 and I wish I knew about it earlier. The brushless 40v lawn mower, manual was 199 down $100 from the Regular price of $299

  • Simon says:

    Can i get this in Europe? Does anyone can ship it to me? 🙂

    • Shane says:

      I can not get the 5AH batteries in Canada, but this dual battery is on the shelf here in Winnipeg, maybe we can make some kind of deal???

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