Ryobi P20130 P20103 18V Cordless 10″ String Trimmer – New Budget Model Kit Under $100

Ryobi has a new budget 18V cordless string trimmer kit that doesn’t break the bank and is less than $100 with the Ryobi P20130 P20103 18V Cordless 10″ String Trimmer. The P20130 is for the kit priced at $84.97 and includes a budget (no fuel gauge) 1.3 ah compact battery and charger. P20103 is the model number for the string trimmer by itself however at the time of writing it’s only available as a kit.

For a complete cordless string trimmer kit for around $85 I wouldn’t expect much in terms of features and performance but the features list are very modest. It features a 10 inch cutting swath and uses single line with the line being only 0.065″ thick. It does have one trick though in which there’s a side button by the handles that lets you rotate the head to string trimmer mode and edger mode. In edger mode the head is rotated sideways to make it easier on the user to use for edging. Experienced users don’t need this feature but I’m sure that people new to string trimmers will appreciate this feature. The same users would also appreciate built in training wheels like those found on entry level string trimmers for even easier edging however those are not found on this model.

I see that Ryobi also cut costs of which savings they pass on to you, in the fact that they don’t include a traditional (separate) side handle that can be adjusted for added comfort. Instead they opted for a built in secondary handle at the top of the tool. I haven’t tried it so I can’t say how comfortable it feels but my opinion is that it might be too high up to be comfortable to use. And being built in means you can’t lower it or turn it to the sides to make it easier on you.

Other features include automatic line feeding with the option to feed manually by going up to the head and pressing a button and pulling the string out by hand. It features a large grass shield which is typical of entry level models and will provide protection stopping grass from covering your legs.

Looking at the reviews on The Home Depot page, they mention it as being a lightweight string trimmer great for small jobs. While most list it as “powerful” a wise reviewer mentioned not to expect the same kind of power as it’s higher voltage and bigger cousins. All 10 reviews at the time of writing were positive with the only complaint I saw was that it comes with a 1.3 ah battery. I don’t think that should surprise anyone as it comes as a kit for around $85.

A big thanks to DrewBHAM for spotting!

  • Compatible with ONE+ batteries
  • 10 in. cut swatch for easy trimming of smaller yards
  • Shaft rotates for convenient edging function
  • Simple press-and-turn conversion to edger mode
  • Fast, 1-hour battery recharge
  • Automatic-feed string head for continuous operation
  • Single line string head with 0.065 in. line for light duty trimming
  • Ergonomic fixed front handle fits comfortably in your hand for easy operation
  • Works with RYOBI cordless replacement spools sold separately
  • 3-year warranty for guaranteed performance

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  • dave says:

    I get making a product to hit a price point but in this case it looks like they shaved too many features off, when it comes to those that shouldn’t raise the price more than a couple dollars per. Surely they are choosing to deliberately omit these features to not devalue their higher tier trimmers too much, assuming the customer will be someone who owns more Ryobi tools, and yet that makes the bare tool all the more desirable, “IF” it weren’t so stripped down in features and performance. I doubt this is the equal of any string trimmer I’d ever consider using. For one, it’s almost certain to use lower capacity spools so I’d be putting more line on, maybe twice as often which is one of my larger annoyances, in addition to smaller line that wears faster.

    • Lee says:

      While this a modest trimer it is NOT a one trick (rotating head) only grass trimmer. The most powerful trick is the optional 2-IN-1 LINE & BLADED HEAD (AC052N1) This less than 15.00 optional add on will greatly improve the cutting ability. Couple this with a larger capacity battery (I used a 9AH) and it becomes a somewhat lighter weight power house trimmer. ??

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