Ryobi P4002 18V Hybrid Drain Auger 25 FT

Ryobi has just announced a new 18V Drain Auger model P4002 and it’s a hybrid model.

At a quick glance it looks almost identical to the current P4001 model. Overall the basic design and form hasn’t changed besides a few cosmetic differences but for the most part has the same form factor. Although the differences are pretty big from what I can see. For starters this new model is a hybrid tool meaning it will be powered by Ryobi’s 18V batteries and can also be plugged into an extension cord for unlimited runtime.

I also noticed they removed the pummel grip button to engage the feeding and retracting of the cable and replaced the forward and reverse cable set up with a new collar. I don’t know yet of how it works but it appears that you turn it to engage forward, neutral, and reverse. This would make it easier and less complicated for users to use. I felt the pummel grip button was a bit stiff on the previous model and my sister said that it hurt her hands when using. The new design is probably also done to alleviate the old system.

It also includes a new “chuck” up in front that is said to make it easier to drive the cable down drains, break up clogs, and quickly retract. This is probably in conjunction with the new direction collar mentioned above.

Carry over features are a dual leg setup so you can rest the tool on the floor as you operate it, the 25 foot cable is reinforced to prevent kinks, and the drum has a drain port to clear the drum from remaining water.

Retail price according to Ryobi will be $149 and it appears that it will be a bare tool for this price meaning no charger no battery. But I searched HD and found it priced at $165 as a baretool which is more than Ryobi’s MSRP. Even at the $149 retail price makes this model a bit pricey. I’ve been saying that some of Ryobi’s newer tools are getting more and more expensive. I can understand they would charge more for this hybrid model since it does not need batteries or charger to work out of the box as all you need to do is plug it in but the previous model is still available for $69. I had people complain about the price for that one and the fact that it didn’t include a charger and battery but even if you did get a battery and charger for that model, it would still be about the same or less than the $149 retail price for this new model.

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