Ryobi P737D 18V Cordless High Pressure Inflator With Digital Guage Gets Updated

Ryobi introduced the cordless 18V P737 inflator and it was a compact cost effective battery powered inflator. It was also a low cost alternative to the larger P731 model but skipped a few features including a digital LCD display for PSI measurement and setting in favor of an el cheapo analog dial. Now Ryobi has updated that model to feature a digital backlit LCD screen and also an updated model number now known as the Ryobi P737D 18V Cordless High Pressure Inflator With Digital Guage.

Other than the spiffy new backlit LCD display, it’s pretty much the same unit as the P737. While it may have an LCD display which allows you to view current tire pressure, it does not have the ability to set the desired PSI and let it automatically stop like you can with the larger more expensive P731 inflator. This means that you’ll have to keep an eye on the LCD display when inflating with the P737D model and release the trigger to stop when you’ve reached the desired PSI.

The Ryobi P737D 18V Cordless High Pressure Inflator With Digital Guage should be out soon, no official ETA yet but it should be out soon and will be priced at $29.97.

A big thanks DrewBHAM for spotting!

  • High-pressure inflation of 0 PSI to 150 PSI for tires and small inflatables
  • Cordless convenience for use almost anywhere
  • Pistol grip handles designed with GRIPZONE overmold for optimum grip and comfort
  • Large-diameter piston allows for fast inflation
  • 20 in. hose with on-board storage clip
  • 2 in. easy-view pressure gauge for quick reading
  • Convenient accessory compartment for needle and nozzle accessories
  • Includes sports equipment needle and 2 high-pressure nozzles
  • Compatible with any RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Battery
  • Part of the RYOBI ONE+ World’s Largest 18-Volt Tool System*
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes: (1) 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Power Inflator (tool only), (1) sports equipment needle, (2) high-pressure nozzles, and operator’s manual

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You can spend a few extra bucks and get the P731 dual low/high pressure inflator with the automatic stop. It’s great for filling car tires and our kids’ inflatable pool.


I have that model and love setting the psi and forget it while it does all the work for you.


IMO it is too small and weak, as is their P731. The problem with little inflators like these is unless you only need to add a couple PSI to one or two automotive tires, they reach a point where they take so long to run that they get hot and this dramatically shortens their lifespan. This is using an even shorter conservative duty cycle than recommended. I’ve owned a much larger DC inflator for years but after numerous repairs, it broke the reed valve and was too much hassle to keep repairing again. I’d guesstimate that despite having it for… Read more »