Ryobi RWT2CL Folding Work Table is A Rebranded Keter

As I was doing research on this weeks Ryobi cordless news articles I noticed that the Australian Ryobi site shows a Ryobi RWT2CL Folding work table that looks very familiar. In fact it’s very similar to Keter’s own folding work table shown here in this link.

Ryobi left, Keter right

Not only is it similar looking but it’s an exact copy of the Keter, but with a different color scheme to suit Ryobi with all black and Ryobi green accents. Even the stock photos of each table are identical in angle and clamp placement suggesting that Keter made the Ryobi branded one. That’s not exactly a bad thing as Keter knows their stuff when it comes to storage and these folding work tables.

Keter images, same applies to the Ryobi

Just like the Keter model, the Ryobi folding work table collapses and folds into a briefcase like design with handle for easy transport and storage and folds open when in use. It’s design features a table top and a bottom shelf that can be used to store tools in the middle of the job, away from the table top work surface. The table comes with two quick clamps and the table top surface has two tracks that accept the clamps so you can clamp items onto the table top like you would with a bench vise. According to the USA Keter version, it can handle up to 1000lbs and the Ryobi version is said to be able to withstand up to 180kg which is only 396.8 lbs according to the Google search which is much lower than the Keter branded one. I wonder why that is?

Keter image, applies to Ryobi version

I don’t frequent the Australian Ryobi website so I don’t know for sure how long this folding work table has been out but I’ve never seen it here in the USA and it’s not sold at HD at the moment which leads me to think that it might be new to other markets. Who knows, maybe we can expect to see it hit store shelves in the USA as well. That we’ll have to wait and see.

Ryobi Folding work table specs:

  • 180kg load capacity
  • Portable and lightweight build
  • Integrated handle for increased portability
  • Folds down to make for easy storage
  • No assembly required — simply pop it up in seconds
  • Comes with 2 x 305mm (12″”) clamps

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  • glenn says:

    The Ryobi branded table has been out for about 2 years now. We have 2 Keter’s and 1 Ryobi and they are indeed identical. Keter obviously manufacture these for Ryobi.

    And they are great tables, almost instant setup and pack away. Been very durable so far as well. I highly recommend them.

  • sp says:

    As you might already know, Keter (crown) Plastic is an Israeli brand. The Israeli version of this table has red “touch ups”. It is available in the Israeli market for few years.
    weight: 13 Lb (5.9 kg)
    W: 33.5 inch (85 cm)
    D: 21.6 in (55 cm)
    H: 30 in (76 cm)
    Price in Israel is about $132.
    As Glenn said, it is a great table.

  • Bos says:

    Hi. Just saw your website today as am researching the Ryobi version. To answer your question re: your comments about 180kg vs 450kg (1000lbs). By coincidence, I was at my local hardware store today, and noticed the packaging stated it can withstand 450kg, whereas the manual and video states 180kg. I contacted Ryobi just before to enquire. They weren’t aware of the discrepancy but advised that the table can, indeed, withstand 450kg. They said they will have to have the manuals reprinted and the video updated to reflect this. Oops, Ryobi.

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