Ryobi USA 18V 6.0 ah Battery Spotted

Ok so we already knew Ryobi had a 6.0 ah battery in the works along with a larger 9.0 ah and a compact 3.0 ah (I wrote about it here) but those were outside of the USA models. But luckily for us, Jay Lac wrote in about a new 6.0 ah battery being spotted in a recent picture of the new USA model Ryobi 18V brushless 7-1/4″ circular saw.

The new brushless circular saw which was also covered here on Tool Craze, is sold as a baretool at HD but it’s strange that they showed a picture of it with a new 6ah battery installed. This is basically an unofficial confirmation that 6.0 ah batteries will come stateside soon. I expect them to officially confirm them some time very soon.

As an aside, I wonder if we’ll soon also get the new 15 cell 9.0 ah Ryobi battery along with the new compact 5 cell 3.0 ah battery? Read more about those here.

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Joshua B

I suspect the compact 3.0 battery will only have 5 cells in series.


yep and it will most likely use the samsung 30q or an Lg variant.
3000mAH and 15amp drains. it will perform like a 1.5 compact but with 2x the life.

Feels like it’s been years in the making on these. I wonder what’s taking them so long since pre-production ones have been out for a year now and they’ve been producing them in Milwaukee red for 2 years. The One+ line is really lagging behind competitors at the moment due to weaker battery capacity. When (if?) these do arrive, it’ll be interesting to see if they use the LG HG2 18650 cell that sister-brand Milwaukee uses, if they use 20700 that was speculated, or maybe they will leap-frog all the way to 21700 (maybe 21700 development is the reason for… Read more »
Due to the size limits, width and length cant be changed or else some tools wont fit. That and the requirements of needing to get to 18 volts means The system will have to use 5 batteries… Most likely 18650’s that 6AH pack is clear its 3 pairs of 5 18650’s using 2000mAH batteries There is plenty of room in the 18650 for more Capacity 3000mAH and 3500mAH IMR cells exist. and prices are hardly any higher then older stock 2000-2200 IMR cells ($5.50 per cell vs $6) the new Hotness is a Hybrid cell that Panasonic makes reported capacities… Read more »

It certainly is taking a long time, they were initially announced in May last year!

Not sure why the USA didn’t pick up the 5ah batteries the we have had in Australia for ages. 4ah just doesn’t cut it these days.

well you can Hot-Rod one of the 4AH packs to 6 AH by changing the cells to the samsung 30q and it costs you 50 bucks vs 90 for the 4 AH packs… not to Difficult TBH. Compared to the Samsung 20R’s they use in the 4Ah, the newer cells still deliver 15amp discharge. if you really want to go crazy Sony makes a 3500MAH battery that will Burst 35Amps and sustain 20Amp drains. replaced in a 4AH battery it would turn it into a 7AH battery with higher drain limits. cost using a Dead shell would be about 70… Read more »
That is what I did last year I found a reputable dealer on ebay and I bought some LG HG2 18650s and upgraded my 4ah battery to 6ah. Then I took the cells from the 4ah and upgraded my p102 batteries from 1.3ah to 2ah. I’ve also upgraded my p105 1.5ah battery to 3.0ah using the LG hg2 cells last year. I even bought 15 more HG2 cells and some battery strip and took a p108 and p105 shell and made them into one battery that is a 9ah battery. It isn’t the prettiest but works amazing. I got tired… Read more »