Sharp Pog Multitool Blade Sharpener

Multitool blades are expensive but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to extend their life somehow instead of tossing away a $20 blade when they are dull? I just learned that there’s a new tool called the Sharp Pog that can sharpen dull blades to breath some new life into them.

It’s a tool that resembles a large Dremel style mandrel with several cutting wheels spaced together and you chuck this whole tool in your drill. Then while it spins, you run your dull blades on the spinning side and the cutting wheels eat away you’re dull blade and form new teeth. The video below shows the entire process.

It’s a good idea but the new teeth don’t look anything like the nice sharp perfectly etched teeth when your blade was new however according to the video the new teeth cut just fine as the video shows it cutting pvc pipe, molding and rubber with the newly grinded teeth. It aint pretty but it works.

The only place I could find this tool is on Ebay and has a retail price of $29.95 with $6.50 for shipping and handling at the time of writing.

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Great find


Although it doesn’t replicate the original tooth shape it certainly would be good enough for softwoods like pine as well as the above mentioned rubber and pvc etc.

The price of multitool blades is outrageous to the point I now only buy cheap ones. I figure it’s better to go through 3-4 two dollar blades than wear out a twenty dollar blade.

If they become available inAustralia I will certainly look at getting one.


Yeah I forgot to mention it but he also cuts a 2×4, so it’s certainly good enough to cut soft wood effectively. When I did flooring I used to go through multitool blades quick and always looked for deals. Sears had craftsman 3 packs for about $12-14 USD. Not too bad, not the best deal but way better than $20 blades. I still don’t get the pricing of multitool blades. Most don’t have carbide teeth and are small stamped and welded pieces that can easily be mass produced. Yet 7-1/4″ circular saw blades with several bits of carbide can easily… Read more »

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