Skilsaw News – New Medusaw Walk Behind Wormdrive Saw & Super Sawsquatch

It’s not even that long after the original Skilsaw Medusaw was introduced that they now made a new version with the only difference being a long collapsing handle that allows you to use the Medusaw while standing up and use while you walk behind it. It’s called the Skilsaw Medusaw walk behind SPT79A-10. Learn more about the original Skilsaw Medusaw wormdrive by clicking here. The new Medusaw walk behind will be available in January 2018 at the World of Concrete event. No word yet on pricing.

Next bit of news is that Skilsaw introduces a new Super Sawsquatch SPT70V-11 wormdrive circular saw featuring a 16-5/16 inch blade. My guess is that this is Skilsaws direct competition to Makita’s massive circular saw of the same blade size, although Skilsaws Super Sawsquatch model uses a wormdrive motor. Obviously their large size puts them into specialty tool category for use in cutting large beams in one pass with a 6-1/4 inch cutting capacity. That and so you don’t have to buy and attach a Prazi beam cutter to your wormdrive saw for the same application. Expect the Super Sawsquatch in March 2018 for $699.

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