Skilsaw Sawsquatch 15 Amp 10-1/4″ Worm Drive Circular Saw SPT70WM-22

We’ve all known Skil (now known as Skilsaw) for making some serious circular saws, most notably their worm drive models in particular. They’ve been making some hard working 7-1/4″worm drive circular saws and have been the standard for decades now. But what if I told you their 8-1/4″ worm drive saws weren’t their biggest and baddest? That’s right, they have a larger worm drive saw and it’s been out for a while now.

This larger than life worm drive saw that I’m talking about is their SPT70WM-22 model and it uses a 10-1/4″ blade. Ofcourse the larger blade size makes for a massive hand held circular saw but it uses magnesium housing to keep weight down. The main reason behind the larger blade is so that users can tackle 4x material in one pass. This is something that typically had to be done with 2 passes (one on each side) to complete a through cut on 4x lumber, but that is not a problem with this saw. The 15 amp motor has the power for thick cuts and is a dual field motor to keep the saw running cooler longer, providing increased power and durability for the life of the saw.

This saw doesn’t come cheap at four bills ($399) but is a price you pay for ultimate convenience of not having to double up on cuts for 4x material. The saw comes with a 1 year warranty with a 180 stay true guarantee.

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  • Larger than life saw for cutting 4x cleanly and efficiently in 1-pass
  • 15 Amp dual-field motor designed specifically for saws for relentless power and durability
  • Magnesium construction means legendary durability
  • Aluminum motor housing
  • Includes 10-1/4 in. Diablo blade so you’re ready to make perfect cuts right out of the box
  • Includes blade wrench stored on tool

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