Smart Cube By Smart Armor – A Bluetooth Smart Lock For Drawers and Cabinets

The Smart Cube from a new start up company Smart Armor is a neat little smart lock that can be operated via Bluetooth on a smartphone or tablet.

It can be placed on existing cabinet doors and drawers to limit access to certain items. For example, you can place a Smart Cube lock on the kitchen sink cabinet to prevent a toddler or young child from gaining access to harmful cleaners. Or you can place a Smart Cube on a gun drawer, alchohol cabinet, knife drawer, tool storage drawers, your sacred stash of snacks, or any door or drawer where you want to keep others away.

It uses 3M tape to mount that’s said to withstand up to 100 lbs of force. Probably good enough for toddlers and small children but obviously you wouldn’t want that on a gun drawer. For added grip strength the pin can be attached with two screws but the actual locking base doesn’t appear to be attached with screws leaving the sticky 3M tape as the weakest link. Personally I like the idea of this smart lock but wish it would have the option to mount both pieces with screws for more serious items. I wouldn’t recommend using the Smart Cube for gun drawers that’s for sure.

The Smart Cube works with the Smart Armor app which gives you basic access to the Smart Cube lock like locking and unlocking the device and it also gives you some additional neat features like granting or denying access to other users in your home that have the app installed and the app can also tell you when and who’s been opening the lock. The app can also tell you if the Smart Cube has been tampered with.

You can also set the Smart Cube to unlock automatically when you’re phone is in range of the lock and it locks on it’s own when you are away from range.

The Smart Cube will be a stand alone device but it can also integrate well with select home automation systems in your home such as Nest, Amazon Echo, Kwikset, Phillips and more. Home automation systems are becoming popular additions for many homeowners. It could be that you want to completely overhaul your home and transform it with more smart devices. If this is the case, you could consider the installation services of such devices by Crestron Smart Homes.


  • withstands up to 100 lbs of force with 3m tape, more strength when used with screws
  • android and iOS compatibility
  • bluetooth 4.0+ with up to 150 ft range
  • fiber infused ABS polycarbonate construction
  • smart home integration with bluetooth routers
  • Dimensions of cube: 1.25″ cubed

The Smart Cube is another crowd funded product from Indiegogo and appears to have reached it’s funding goal and will be a reality. Pricing is going to be $89.00 msrp with pre orders being accepted now on the website. Pre orders are said to be shipping on March 30th, 2017.

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