Stak Rack – Paint Doors and Trim the easy way

If you’ve ever been involved in remodeling your floors you’ve probably painted you’re own trim. I’ve done this myself plenty of times and you have to get creative on how to paint trim effectively. I usually lay them out on saw horses or on table tops but too often you run out of surfaces to support the trim while it’s being painted or to dry. This is where the Stak Rack comes into the picture and they offer a product that makes life a whole lot easier for not only painting trim but doors as well.

Shaped like a large triangle, it actually reminds me a lot of painters triangles but they work similarly but differently. They help support trim but instead of supporting them on the top point of the triangle, you use the sides instead. The triangles are also stackable so you can do several runs on top of each other so they only take up a small footprint.

For use with doors, there’s a small spot on near the top of the triangle but on the side where you can attach a screw to fasten the top and bottom of the door while the door lays horizontally instead of vertically. In this position you can also stack more Stak Rack triangles and paint several doors in the same foot print. You can also lay trim on the sides of the triangles as they are stacked supporting multiple doors.

It’s a very neat concept and has certainly got my attention. Let me know what you guys think of these.

stak-rack stak-rack-2

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