Tool Deal – Rockwell Jawhorse RK9003 $99

I just spotted the Rockwell Jawhorse RK9003 over at amazon for the low price of only $99. Normally this is between $150-160 so right off the bat you have a $50-60 savings. At this price you have plenty of money left over to purchase materials and or a couple of tools to start your next project.
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Keep in mind this is the regular Jawhorse although it’s the new updated model RK9003 which is the one you see in most of my video reviews over on YouTube. I’ts one of my favorite and most used tools as it can clamp just about anything as it serves as a large portable vise, can even serve as a sawhorse hence the name, and also as a worktable with a scrap sheet of plywood. The jaws can open up to 37 inches wide to hold sheet goods although it can’t hold a full sheet of plywood unless you cut it to fit. Those that need one for holding full size sheet goods can still do so with this model if you purchase the plywood jaw accessory which is priced at $59.99. You can also opt out for the larger Rockwell Sheetmaster that can take full sheets of plywood without any additional accessories but the downsides are that it’s more expensive at $200 and is larger, bulkier, and heavier to carry.

I’m very satisfied with my Rockwell Jawhorse as it has served me well and is very sturdy and it clamps very well. It works great as a second set of hands as you can see in most of my videos and allows me to work where the work is being carried out instead of having to bring the material to my personal vise. I’m also OK with not opting out for the larger Sheetmaster since the regular Jawhorse is capable and a bit more compact and lighter making it easier to carry around. There have been times I have needed to hold full sheets of plywood but used my traditional sawhorses for that. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to go with the sheetmaster instead or purchase the additional plywood jaw accessory for this Jawhorse, is that the Jawhorse with plywood jaw or even the Sheetmaster are not perfect solutions for holding 4’x8′ sheet goods as you may need to support both ends of the sheet.

Check out my video below for a closer look at the Rockwell Jawhorse RK9003 …

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