Toughbuilt Metal Folding Sawhorses

383a0dd3-8b4d-4e88-8d49-5519bfac9722_1000Toughbuilt makes some very interesting sawhorses starting with an all metal space saving compact design and a few unique features. They start with a rugged all metal powder-coated and zinc-plated steel design that prevents corrosion and withstands rigorous environments. They also feature legs that can fold into the body for a ultra compact space saving design and features a carrying handle for easy transport. Because they’re metal, their sturdy design allows them to holdĀ up to 1,100-1,300 lbs each or 2,200-2,600 lbs when paired depending on the model design.

17159ac4-871a-47db-b51a-046537fd2dfa_1000Built into each leg when folded outwards for use is a large notch so you can use 2 regular 2×4’s with a pair of Toughbuilt sawhorses to make a very sturdy table with any sheet of plywood. I’ve used regular sawhorses with plywood or OSB to make makeshift tables often before and while they get they job done, there has always been a bit of flex in the center of the sheet of plywood while using them as a table. This Toughbuilt design when used with a pair of 2×4’s eliminate’s that flex by added extra support for makeshift table use.

a906b46d-e800-41bd-93f0-8cac704b7d39_1000Those are the similarities, now onto the differences between the 2 models starting with the Toughbuilt C420 model. The C420 model is the smaller yet stronger of the group at 42 inches wide and a weight capacity of 1,300 each or 2,600 lbs combined. This model also sports adjustable legs that allows each individual leg to be adjusted for any height differences on the ground so you can keep the sawhorse level.

The Toughbuilt TB-C550 is larger at 47 inches wide with a slightly lower weight capacity of 1,100 lbs each or 2,200 lbs when paired. Although this model looks very similar to the slightly smaller C420 model there are 2 key differences. Gone are the adjustable telescoping legs so you will need more even ground when using these but it does include a very interesting and useful feature the smaller C420 model lacks which are 2 flip out tabs on the legs of one side of the sawhorse that allow you to rest a sheet of plywood. This design holds sheet goods several inches off the ground making easy and convenient to make cuts into sheet goods with only one person (yourself) and only one sawhorse.

Both units are sold over at the Home Depot and retail for $29.97 for the 47″ TB-C550 model and $35.00 for the C420 42″ model. Keep in mind that these are sold individually as a single sawhorse, you need to purchase 2 to make a pair.

Specifications 42″ C420 model

  • Easy-carry handle
  • 2×4 support arms
  • 1300 lb. support capacity each, 2600 lb. per pair
  • Fast-open mechanism
  • Adjustable legs
  • Material support and cutting pegs
  • Assembled Depth (in.) 17.5″
  • Assembled Width (in.) 42.0″
  • Assembled Height (in.) 24.2″


51b17229-e0db-41c1-abb5-34162024d1f7_400Specifications 47″ TB-C550 model

  • Easy-carry handle
  • 2×4 support arms
  • All steel construction
  • 1100 lb. support capacity each, 2200 lb. per pair
  • Material support pegs
  • Assembled Depth (in.) 22.5″
  • Assembled Width (in.) 46.75″
  • Assembled Height (in.) 29.5″

Check out the video below for a quick look of the TB-C550 model

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wow love this Javier, very versatile and well built tool…guarrantee though i won’t find them here in Canada just yet…if ever…lol all the coolest stuff is in the USA and we get it if we are lucky…great write up and thanks for introducing me to another great tool!


ah I hadn’t realized they had been on the market that long Javier, they are available on but they ship from the states but that seems to be the only retailer I can find right now, more research needed! I was looking to pick up a Jawhorse and then I saw this on your site but I know I can buy the Sawhorse locally so looks like thats the way to go!


Sounds neat. I’ve always just used cheap plastic sawhorses with an interior door as a table.

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