Updates to the Milwaukee Fall 2016 Heated Gear

Another year is upon us and you know what that means, new Milwaukee M12 heated Gear! Milwaukee is calling the redesign to the M12 heated gear for 2016 – thier biggest ground-up redesign to-date.  the Milwaukee 2016 Heated Gear line will include all-new designs across the entire range of gear. From versatile jackets and hoodies to heavy duty work wear, these products are specifically designed to address the heated workwear needs of professionals in the trades.


Upgrades to the M12 Heated Jackets:

  • new ToughShell Stretch Polyester for 5X longer life than other soft shell jacket
  • improved wind/water resistance
  • improved cut and fit that features FreeFlex Mobility enhancements
  • adjustable cuffs and waist
  • drop tail extended back
  • integrated battery pocket – now accessible from the outside of the jacket
  • 2016 lineup includes black, a new all gray, red with gray side panels, and Realtree Xtra Camo

Carry over features to the M12 Heated Jackets:

  • provide up to 8 hours of heat
  • heat distributed across the chest, back, and pockets
  • USB charging on Jacket power source

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Upgrades to the M12 Heated Hoodies:

  • key durability enhancements
  • all new cut
  • Reinforced front pocket edges protect from fraying and tearing, and extend life
  • fitted hood designed to be worn under a hard hat
  • integrated battery pocket

Carry over features to the M12 Heated Hoodies:

  • waffle weave thermal lining
  • heat around the chest and back
  • heat up to 6 hours
  • colors red, black, and gray
  • USB charging on power source


Upgrades to the M12 3 in 1 Jacket System:

  • redeveloped wind and water resistant GridIron 900 Denier Ripstop Polyester
  • GridIron material is less rigid, provides better mobility for the wearer
  • The Heated Hoodie piece integrates 3 carbon fiber heating elements between a water repellant, durable shell with reinforcements in key high wear areas to distribute and maintain heat across the chest and back
  • Heated Hoodie with USB charging on power source

Carry over features to the M12 3 in 1 Jacket System:

  • Heated Hoodie with a jobsite-tough outer shell for ultimate warmth, versatility, and durability in extreme working conditions
  • Heated Hoodie with heat around the chest and back
  • Heated Hoodie with USB charging on power source
  • Outer Shell with utility pockets that include riveted and rubber reinforced pocket edges to resist ripping
  • Both the Hoodie and Outer Shell feature tarnish-resistant all-metal zippers


Upgrades to the M12 Heated Vest:

  • same GridIron material as the 3 in 1 jacket outer shell for maximum durability and maneuverability

The M12 Women’s Heated Jackets will also feature the new upgrades although not all Milwaukee 2016 Heated Gear will receive the new updates. All the Milwaukee 2016 Heated Jackets will receive updates however some M12 heated hoodies will not receive updates such as the black heated hoodie and both Realtree camo hoodies. The M12 heated handwarmers will also continue to be sold as part of the 2016 lineup although there are no new updates on the M12 hand warmers.

We can expect to have the new Milwaukee 2016 Heated Gear available soon in August just in time for the fall and winter season.

Milwaukee Heated Gear Season 7 Models

M12™ Heated Jackets

  1. M12™ Women’s Heated Jacket (231B Kit): Sizes S-2X
  2. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo Heated Jacket (221C-20 Bare & 221C-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
  3. M12™ Red Heated Jacket (201R-20 Bare & 201R-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
  4. M12™ Black Heated Jacket (201B-20 Bare & 201B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
  5. M12™ Grey Heated Jacket (201G-20 Bare & 201G-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X NEW

M12™ Heated Hoodies/M12™ Heated 3in1 Jackets

  1. M12™ Gray Heated Hoodie (301G-20 Bare & 301G-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
  2. M12™ Black Heated Hoodie (301B-20 Bare & 301B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change
  3. M12™ Red Heated Hoodie (301R-20 Bare & 301R-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
  4. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo Heated Hoodie (2382 Bare & 2383 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change
  5. M12™ Realtree Max-1® Camo Heated Hoodie (2384 Bare & 2385 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change
  6. M12™ Heated 3in1 Jacket (251B-20 Bare & 251B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
  7. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo 3 in 1 Heated Jacket (2386 Bare & 2387 Kit): Sizes S-3X

M12™ Heated Hand Warmers/M12™ Heated Vest

  1. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo Heated Hand Warmer (2321-20 Bare & 2321-21 Kit) No Change
  2. M12™ Black Heated Hand Warmer (2322-20 Bare & 2322-21 Kit) No Change
  3. M12™ Heated Vest (271B-20 Bare & 271B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X


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