Walabot DIY – Phone Add-On to look inside walls

Stud detectors can only tell you if there’s a stud and electric current behind a wall and some wall scanners can detect pipes but wouldn’t it neat if you could see what’s actually behind you walls? A new product called the Walabot DIY can do just that, well sort of. Check out the short YouTube clip below.

walabot-3d-imaging-tool-2In the above video we see it in action and see it detect rebar inside a cement wall. It shows you a preview of the rebar behind the wall but technically doesn’t show you the actual rebar but a simple rendered picture of what’s behind the wall. So it really is more like a wall scanner than an actual x-ray scanner so you can’t actually look through walls. But it is still useful as it can pinpoint objects behind the wall and even show you their orientation as seen in the video.

The next section of the video shows that it can detect movement behind a wall with a live mouse or rat moving in wall. It won’t show you a pre rendered picture of the rodent but it does track movement and when the rodent got near the wall scanner, I was surprised that it showed a blob of heat as the rodent was in front of the scanner. Pretty neat!

Walabot Diy isn’t a standalone product but is the sensor and brains unit that pairs with a smartphone. The smartphone then acts as the display and runs the software for the Walabot DIY. It appears to be priced at $249 but is currently at $199 because of black friday pricing, yes I know black friday is over yet the website is currently showing $199 with the words “Black Friday Special”.

What do you guys think? Is this something you’d buy to use with your smartphone or would you rather go with existing standalone wall scanners from Bosch or Milwaukee?

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Compare to Bosch or Milwaukee wall scanners below

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