Worx 20V 2 in 1 Pole Saw

Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove the long pole from a pole saw and so you’re left with only a portable chainsaw? Worx thought it was a good idea and created their cordless battery powered 20V 2 in 1 pole saw.

With the Worx 20V 2 in 1 pole saw you basically have two tools, a pole saw and a chainsaw. Attach the pole and you have a pole saw and remove the pole and bam you have a chainsaw!

It’s pretty neat the way they did it as the pole is basically a battery holder extender that adds about 8.75 feet to the length of the saw to give it a total length of 10 feet. This way the battery is always close to the user.

As far as the chainsaw portion goes, they gave it a respectable 10 inch bar and chain which is greater than most 8 inch cordless pole saws out there. It also has automatic chain tensioning system and instant oil lubrication.

I like the fact that it’s a 2 in 1 solution that saves the user from having to buy 2 separate tools, the only con I could find is that when set as a pole saw, the chainsaw itself is pointed straight out in the same direction as the pole. The problem with this is that it doesn’t have that slight angle at the saw that will help users cut tree limbs high up. Look at any other pole saw and you’ll see that slight cutting angle. That slight cutting angle makes it easy to cut the top of the limbs while you’re safe on the floor. With the Worx 2 in 1 pole saw, the lack of that slight angle means you’ll have a hard time reaching the top of the limb and most likely be cutting the sides of the limb, from side to side instead of top down.

Pricing for the Worx 20V 2 in 1 pole saw looks good at $149 and you get a 2.0ah battery and charger for that price.

The saw weighs only 10.4 lbs. for ease of handling and carrying. It is equipped with a 10 in. low-kickback bar and has a 3/8 in. chain pitch.

The versatile pole saw includes the patented WORX Auto-Chain Tension system. A large dial on the saw’s body is turned, and the system sets the proper chain tension to prevent over-tightening.

An automatic oiler system includes a reservoir with an oil level indicator. Constant lubrication is provided to both the bar and chain during operation. There’s no button to push for chain lubrication, as there is with some other pole saw brands.

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