Worx 20V Axis – Combines a Recip Saw and Jigsaw into one tool

Worx recently released a new tool called the Worx Axis. This new tool runs on the Worx Powershare 20V platform of interchangeable tools and batteries.

What’s neat about the Worx Axis is that it combines a Recip Saw and Jigsaw into one tool. It’s basically a handle with the motor mount and blade holder and the business end of the tool pivots so you can change it’s placement. Either extend it to make it a reciprocating saw or fold it down to make it a jigsaw tool.

As a jig saw, Axis has a 2-in. cutting capacity (5/32 for steel plate) and a 3/4-in. blade stroke. Jig saw blades 4-in. in length are recommended. In reciprocating saw mode, it has a 4 in. capacity for cutting wood, 5 in. for PVC pipe and 3 in. for steel pipe.


Changing blades is a snap with the tool-less blade changing system. Axis operates at a single speed with 3000 strokes-per- minute (spm). Located at the top of the saw is an orange-colored switch, which allows the user to choose reciprocating or orbital action. Orbital is for more aggressive cutting, while reciprocating is for more controlled cutting efficiency.

I’ve seen this same exact design before as Kobalt did the same exact thing with their 12V transorming jigsaw tool. Although the Worx Axis has a couple of things in it’s favor, well actually three if you consider that the Kobalt 12V is no longer available as it’s been discontinued soon after it’s release. The Worx Axis can take both Jigsaw and Reciprocating saw blades. That right there is pretty interesting as the easy route would have been to only give it one blade mount or the other and use that for double duty.

The next thing in it’s favor versus the 12V Kobalt is that the Worx Axis is running on 20V batteries which should give it a boost in power versus a 12v tool.

The Worx Axis also shares a side motor mount which should help reduce gearing alignment issues when rotating the power head.

Pricing for the new Worx Axis is $99 and it includes the tool itself along with a 1.5 Ah MaxLithium battery, a 5-hour charger, one reciprocating saw blade (wood) and three jig saw blades (wood, metal and sheet metal blades). Axis is compatible with all WORX 20V MaxLithium batteries from the company’s 20V PowerShare program, which includes lawn and garden and DIY tools.


  • 20V Max
  • single speed trigger
  • 3,000 no load SPM
  • 3/4-in. blade stroke
  • 4 lbs weight

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