Worx 20V Cordless Fan WX095L & USB Charger Adapter WA3769 aka Power Source

Worx has announced two new cordless products part of their 20V power share system with a new cordless fan WX095L and a USB Power Adapter WA3769, more on that below.

The Worx 20V cordless fan looks like many other cordless fans with a base and pivot point to rotate vertically and the base has a pull out hook for hanging and holes for wall mounting. I like that the frame is made from metal tubing unlike other brands all plastic construction. The fan has two speeds – low (0-1500) and high (2500 rpm) speeds that generate air flows of 310 and 450 cfm which they claim is similar to their best cordless leaf blowers. Just keep in mind that it’s only refering to CFM which is air volume being pushed, not air speed as leaf blowers have a lot faster air speed which is needed to push leaves effectively. Don’t expect this fan to have fast enough air speed to blow leaves in your yard.

The WORX 20V Power Share 9 in. Cordless Fan (WX095L, $89.99) is available at worx.com and online retailers including Amazon. A tool only version without the battery and charger (WX095L.9, $59.99) also is available.

The other cordless tool has an odd name, they call it a USB charger adapter. With a name like that I get the impression it’s a battery charger for their 20V batteries with USB ports built in for portable device charging. What it actually is is a portable power source. It only charges your mobile devices but it won’t charge your 20v battery. It has two USB ports that accept USB type-A cables. The 20V power source WA3769 is priced at $19.99.

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