Worx 20V SwitchDriver WX176L – 2 in 1 Drill Review

Worx just recently released an all new contraption that solves the hassle of drilling and driving with a new 2 in 1 drill/driver called the Worx Switchdriver. This new 20V drill combines 2 1/4″ hex chucks into one tool to easily fascillitate between drilling and driving without the need for 2 separated drills, or one drill and having to swap out bits constantly which can get annoying.

I got to put it through its paces on a recent mobile tool base project for some new stationary shop tools and it was a blast using one tool for pre-drilling and driving screws. With it’s double hex chucks you can insert just about any impact ready bit, whether for screwdriving or drilling and switch back and forth between bits without having to remove them. One chuck is always ready to work while the secondary chuck faces downward out of the way. The switchdriver double chucks rotate so you can choose which one you want to work with and rotate with a simple press of a trigger switch right above the main trigger.

As for performance, although it is a 20V/18V drill – with it’s rated 265 in-lbs of torque, it performs more like a pro brand 12V drill.  Not to say it can’t perform as I was able to drill pocket holes into red oak hardwood and drill holes into softwood with a 5/8″ Irwin Speedbor Max bit. It can handle small fasteners with ease and even smaller lags no problem as was shown in the video.

So although it’s not a heavy duty drill, I found it was well capable for it’s intended use on smaller fasteners and it’s ease of use was extraordinary as it was like carrying 2 drills around with me in 1 power tool. The time saved switching between bits results in more time to work on my projects.

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    • Rotating Dual 1/4″ Hex Chucks
    • Electronic Clutch with 12 settings
    • 265 in-lbs max torque
    • 2 speed variable speed brushed motor
    • 0-400/0-1,500 RPM
    • Weight 3.1 lbs
    • 8.5″ tool length
    • comes with 2x 1.5ah batteries, charger, and 3 bits
    • MSRP $99.99 USD Current retailer price $119.99
    • 3 year warranty

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