Zip Wall – Temporary walls and dust containment


Zip wallAnyone that’s ever done a project at home drywall related or spraying paint knows just how dirty these projects can get with dust or spray traveling into unwanted areas. Some either deal with the extra mess created and some have built up temporary walls using plastic sheeting and tape. Zip Wall was designed exactly for this and have come up with a system of extendable poles that are used to hold plastic painters sheeting in place quickly, with little effort, and without the hassle of dealing with tape so you can build barriers quickly to tackle your next project. You can use your own plastic sheeting you use for painting or you can use Zip Wall Zipfast reusable barrier panels. The kits even come with zippers you can use to create doors in the plastic sheeting walls to be able to enter. They come in several different kits and accessories such as foam rail cross bars to make a dust proof seal where the temporary plastic sheet walls meet actual walls for an additional layer of protection against dust and contamination.

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