Bosch 18V GLI 18V-4000 C & GLI 18V-10000 C Professional Worklight

Bosch has two new compact yet high output cordless 18V lights with the Bosch 18V GLI 18V-4000 C and the GLI 18V-10000 C Professional Worklight. Respectively theyse tiny guys put out 4,000 and 10,000 lumens respectively. All credit for the info goes to instagram user ToolFreak.

These lights appear to be incredibly small, just big enough to hold a Bosch 18V battery with one high power LED chip on the exterior. Although they are larger than I initially thought and are definitely bigger than a battery pack although still smallish overall. They look to be the size of a large bluetooth speaker or a small radio. Both appear to be very similar with the largest difference being the LED chip and lumen output and both had solid metal bodies shielded with shock absorbing rubber frames and roll cage style safety bars to protect the lens. It also appears they have bluetooth connectivity as it says it’s fully remote controllable via the mytools tile in the Bosch toolbox app. Runtime at max is up to 6 hours on the 4000 lumen model and up to 2.5 hours on the 10000 lumens model and that’s with a 12.0 ah battery pack so expect less runtime with smaller capacity batteries.

Edit: 8/6/20

Bosch has also come out with bluetooth connected versions of these lights model numbers GLI18V-10000CN & GLI18V-4000CN and these models offer Bluetooth connectivity – connects tool to free Bosch Toolbox app on a connected device, to turn on/off and adjust brightness.

A big thanks to Cody Robertson and Stephen for spotting!

Edit: 10/2/20

I’ve received official word from Bosch themselves about both of these lights. They confirm what’s been said so far. They do add additional runtime info with up to 30 minutes per amp hour at full brightness and up to 120 minutes of runtime per amp hour on the 1000 lumen setting for the GLI18V-4000CN model and up to 12.5 minutes per amp hour on full brightness and up to 120 minutes of runtime per amp hour on the 1000 lumen setting for the GLI18V-10000CN model. Both lights have 5/8 In.-11 thread mount for compatibility with standard tripods for even more versatility. Also each light has an onboard panel that displays brightness setting and battery fuel gauge. Most Bosch Bluetooth connected tools require an optional bluetooth model to be purchased separately. They do not mention if the bluetooth module is included or an optional accessory. I have reached out to them regarding this and will update with their reply.

Edit: 10/12/2020

I received a reply from Bosch and they say that the bluetooth feature is included and nothing else is required to make bluetooth work. They also mention that pricing will be $199 for the 4k lumen model and $299 for the 10k lumen model.

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  • Stephen says:

    Jesus christ, ten thousand lumens? I have the 18V light with 1,900 lumens, and that’s pretty bright.

    I wonder why the safety bars and adjustable foot are different on these two lights?

    • Corey says:

      I’d bet it had to do with heat-sinking design and needs. 10k it’s crazy, hell 4k is going to be demanding on something that small.

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