Bosch Launches New Remastered Website – Purchase Reconditioned Tools For Less

Bosch launches a new website where you can purchase Remastered Bosch tools. What are Remastered tools? They are reconditioned tools and in order to get the Remastered title, every tool is stripped down, examined individually by hand, and re-engineered with painstaking attention to detail, right down to the case that holds it. According to Bosch, they’ve been remastering tools for over 35 years with the same level of quality as new tools – guaranteed. They also claim to offer some seriously deep discounts on their factory reconditioned tools. One interesting thing to note is that Bosch sells these “Remastered” reconditioned tools directly with the aid of their newly launched Remastered website.

bosch remastered

Walnut Ridge, Arkansas is a small town just northwest of Memphis. It’s also where every single Bosch reconditioned tool is stripped down, examined individually by hand and re-engineered with painstaking attention to detail until, finally, it’s been restored to meet the same exacting, high standards we place on new Bosch tools. Powerful. Precise. And built to endure another tour of duty. For over 35 years, the Bosch reconditioning facility has been home to our experts. The site spans 40 acres and houses specially built test sites and laboratories for both our power tools and precision measuring tools.

How they do it

Each tool is distributed to one of 70 handpicked, Bosch-trained reconditioning experts. These pros have an average tenure of 20 years per person, and their experience provides them with the knowledge and skills to remaster the full line of Bosch tools.

Each tool is disassembled, inspected, cleaned, rebuilt with new parts, tested, calibrated to exact specifications and fully restored to pristine condition by hand. And that includes the case it came in.

It’s not a Bosch Remastered Tool until it’s received the official stamp of approval. Literally. Upon passing final inspection, each tool is permanently marked as a testament to Bosch’s commitment to uncompromised quality, power and precision.

Check out the Bosch Remastered Reconditioned tools webpage by clicking here.

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