New Info On The Hart Hand And Power Tools Sold Exclusively At Walmart!

Hart Tools has been known for their hand tools such as framing hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, axes, pry bars, sledge hammers, files, and pick axes. With their roots in hand tools, … Continue Reading →

Lowe’s News – Free Shipping Policy Update Starts 9/5/19

Just received word from Lowe’s that their Free Shipping policy has been changed. This will be applicable to all customers, replacing the current policy of $49 of More as well … Continue Reading →

Franklin Sensors ProSensor M90 Stud Finder Honest Review

Franklin Sensors since their debut several years ago has come out with several models since. Recently I got my hands on one of their newer models, the ProSensor M90 and … Continue Reading →

New Milwaukee Stud, Wide Blade And Compact Wide Blade Tape Measures

Milwaukee officially announces their new tape measures that were debuted in this years NPS19 event with newly redesigned Stud tape measures, new Wide Blade tape measures and new compact wide … Continue Reading →

Bauer Self Locking Tape Measure In 16 / 25 / 30 FT Lengths

I was looking over my Harbor Freight coupon magazine this week and noticed a new tape measure from their in house Bauer brand, and what’s interesting about the new tape … Continue Reading →

Klein Tools Non Contact Voltage Tester with Laser Distance Meter NCVT-6 Measures Distances up to 66 Feet

(Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (, for professionals since 1857, introduces the Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Laser Distance Meter (Cat. No. NCVT-6), which detects the presence of AC voltage and measures … Continue Reading →

Measure King – World’s Best Tape Measure OR Is It?

I was at my local Walmart the other day and spotted an “as seen on TV” item called the Measure King which is a interesting looking 3 in 1 tape … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee NPS19 New Tools List – UPDATED 6/11/19

Another year, another Milwaukee NPS19 New Product Symposium where the showcase all their newest tools to the world. Here is a small list of new tools that I’ve compiled from … Continue Reading →

Home Depot Order Pick Up Lockers Are Easier And Faster Than Customer Service Desks

I prefer ordering online and having items delivered to my door but recently I stumbled upon a good deal that did not offer shipping, only in store pickup. I don’t … Continue Reading →