Klein Tools AFCI / GFCI Outlet Tester RT310 Honest Review

This article is the Klein Tools AFCI GFCI Outlet Tester RT310 Review. As a full disclosure, Klein was kind enough to send me a product sample of the AFCI / GFCI Outlet Tester at no cost to me and as always I will provide my honest unbiased feedback. I am not paid or swayed in any way to give a positive review.

Klein AFCI GFCI Outlet Tester RT310 Review – Features

Klein AFCI GFCI Outlet Tester RT310 Review correct wiring

correct wiring

Klein Tools RT310 outlet tester is unique as it offers a combination of features that you usually don’t find in one device and also offers a feature not found on regular outlet testers. First of all this outlet tester combines both a GFCI tester and a AFCI tester in one unit. Also where other outlet testers offer 3 LED’s that depending on which lights light up, you have to refer to the built in code guide to understand what the light code means.

Kleins RT310 outlet tester model does away with the traditional 3 LED code system and simply offers a single light on the front panel that lets you know if the outlet is properly wired or what is faulty with the wiring. If the wiring is correct, you’ll find a light next to the “CORRECT WIRING” light. If there’s an open wire or reversed wire, you’ll have a light next to each specific issue.

Klein AFCI GFCI Outlet Tester RT310 Review – Features Continued

Unlike regular outlet testers, the Klein Tools RT310 can detect when the hot wire is connect but both the ground and neutral wires are not. With that wiring setup under a regular outlet tester, you’ll have no lights on which might give the impression there’s no power however the Klein RT310 is able to correctly discern the double open wire fault and display a light over “OPEN NEUTRAL” and “OPEN GROUND”.

Unlike most outlet testers, the Klein RT310 is a lot longer and also has a cable and plug that sticks out the top and is also powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included. At first I didn’t like the additional cable and plug design however it proved very valuable when testing out recessed outlets like those used for wall mounted TV setups, where other outlet testers have a hard time fitting inside the recessed area, but the RT310’s cable design had no issue fitting where others either struggled or couldn’t.

Klein AFCI GFCI Outlet Tester RT310 Review – Testing

Klein AFCI GFCI Outlet Tester RT310 Review - double open neutral and ground with hot connected

double open neutral and ground with hot connected

I rigged up my own “Test” outlet in which I swapped the wiring to see how the Klein RT310 tester would respond, including the hot on but open neutral and ground, and it properly detected that with a light indicating open ground and another light indicating open neutral plus a separate light showing the outlet was energized (while a standard outlet tester showed no lights at all, shown in above image) and also properly detected each other scenario I put it through.

Klein AFCI GFCI Outlet Tester RT310 Review - open ground

open ground

hot/neutral reverse

When the outlet tester is not plugged in, it shows two lights light up, one for “OPEN HOT” and one for “NOT ENERGIZED”.


I proceeded to test out the GFCI tester and it works as it should. I trips the GFCI outlet with each press. One thing to note is that it will not trip the GFCI on an outlet that has open ground. My home is an older home from the 50’s I believe and most circuits do not have ground wiring and if that is the case, this GFCI tester will not test a GFCI outlet if there is no ground present. Something to keep in mind if deciding to purchase.

However I tried another basic GFCI outlet tester on the same no ground GFCI outlet and that one didn’t test either but did on a GFCI outlet that did have ground wiring. I was not able to test the AFCI test feature since I do not have any AFCI outlets but I don’t have any doubts it should work properly testing an AFCI receptacle.

Klein AFCI GFCI Outlet Tester RT310 Review – Pricing

It is priced at $41.19 at time of writing. Which makes it considerably more expensive than a very basic three to six dollar outlet tester. But it does offer more features such as both GFCI and AFCI testing. With faster wiring readouts due to it’s simple and easy to use display panel. Plus it can detect an energized outlet with open neutral and ground wiring, something others testers can’t do. In my opinion, the additional features make it worth it.

Manufacturer Bullet Points

  • Detects the most common wiring faults in standard, AFCI, and GFCI electrical outlets
    • Tests AFCI devices by simulating arc fault conditions
    • Tests GFCI devices by simulating ground fault conditions
  • Capable of detecting a dual-open wiring fault with simultaneous open neutral and open ground wires (patent-pending technology)
  • Tester delivers clear visual indication of the wiring condition at the electrical outlet
  • Three-pin plug for use on North American-style grounded electrical outlets in 120V AC circuits
  • 10-inch (254 mm) flexible electrical cord for easy access to electrical outlets in hard to reach spaces
  • Auto power-off after two minutes of non-use conserves battery life
  • Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery compartment; includes 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries
  • Built to withstand a 6.6-foot (2 m) drop
  • CATIII 135V safety rating
  • Measurement category III is applicable to test and measuring circuits connected to the distribution part of the building’s low-voltage MAINS installation
  • AFCI test method is a patent-pending design unique to Klein Tools

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  • Ed M says:

    This review is incomplete — substantially. To offer it as an assessment of a device, a significant characteristic of which is an ability to evaluate AFCI protection devices and then fail to test its ability to do so, simply commenting: “I don’t have any doubts it should work properly testing an AFCI receptacle.” is, I believe, disingenuous.

    • Javier says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately I could not test that specific feature and because I thoroughly tested and confirmed other features as working as described, I have no doubts the untested feature would work as intended. Keep in mind that companies would not stay in business if they put out products that do not live up to expectations.

  • james landry says:

    Protecting you and your home from accidents might require using the best GFCI outlet. This device works like a circuit breaker with specified protection against electrocution. The moment it senses shock moving to a person’s body, it cuts power before things worsen.

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