Ego 56V 10.0 Ah G3 3P Battery Has A Massive Capacity

A new massive capacity battery from Ego has been spotted and it’s the Ego 56V 10.0 Ah G3 3P Battery.

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The new Ego 56V battery is packing a whopping 10.0 amp hours of runtime capacity which is a good bump up from their previous 7.5 ah battery. Some of you may be thinking what’s the big deal about this new 10 amp hour battery since brands like Bosch, Dewalt and Milwaukee already have 12.0’s on the market? Well let me tell you about a little thing called Watt Hours, the formula for figuring out watt hours is you multiply the battery voltage by it’s amp hours and you get watt hours. This is the universal method to compare batteries of different voltages and sizes. So the above mentioned 12.0 ah batteries, which are all 18V batteries, are all 216 watt hours while Ego’s 10.0 ah battery is a massive 560 watt hours of capacity! That’s easily more than double the runtime capacity.

The new Ego 10.0 ah 56V battery appears to be taller than the current 7.5 ah battery which means one of two things, it’s either packing larger cells or it’s packing an extra row of cells. Whatever the case, bravo to Ego for making such a massive capacity battery that will help run their outdoor power tools for longer than before.

Of course such a massive capacity battery won’t be cheap as it’s priced at a wallet hurting $449 which is about the price of a battery powered lawn mower nowadays but you’re only getting a battery. Expect the new Ego 10.0 ah battery to be available sometime in the near future.

And just like Ego’s latest battery updates, this new battery gets the new circular fuel gauge that was included in their latest batteries. Of course a larger capacity battery will take longer to charge and it will take 90 minutes to charge with their rapid charger and 3 hours to charge with their standard slow charger.

A big thanks to Chris Plank for spotting!

  • Power management system protects the battery pack from the most harmful elements a battery can face from overheating to over-discharging
  • Upgraded fuel gauge to show how much run time is remaining
  • Charges in 90-minutes with EGO POWER+ rapid charger
  • Charges in 3-hours with the EGO POWER+ 56-Volt charger
  • Compatible with all EGO POWER+ outdoor power equipment and chargers
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Arc-lithium: industry’s most advanced battery technology

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