Reader Questions – New Tools Spotted on Home Depot Website Disappearing – WHY?

If you’ve been following this site you are no doubt familiar that much of the content is based on new tools. Many times these tools were spotted before official manufacturer announcements, specifically from sites such as Home Depot. Often times the Home Depot website will list a brand new tool before it is posted officially on the Manufacturers website. Home Depot will post pictures of the item along with relevant info such as a short description with features and specifications. Sometimes they include a price while other times they don’t.

Soon after I post new product announcements regarding tools spotted on Home Depot I usually get comments asking questions about availability, where I found them, or why they cant find them on the Home Depot site, or if I can provide links. I try to respond to each individual comment however the volume of these requests required the need for me to address this issue in a single article that I can point to for future reference.

Where are they available? HD’s website does not have them nor does the ***** website.


We’re do you see this on there website because I can’t find it at all


I’ve searched the HD website (as recently as 5 mins ago) and still cannot locate any reference to ***** and/or ***** batteries from *****. Can you share a link?

The Answer

If you cannot find them on the Home Depot website, the simple answer is that it is because they have TEMPORARILY removed the listing from their website. I do not know why they remove listings from their website but fortunately it is only temporary. It seems this is protocol as this happens quite often. I can assure you that they will relist their item again soon, however the time it takes them to relist their page can take days, weeks, or months.

As far as links are concerned, I don’t save them. I can not share them with you because I don’t have them to begin with but even if I did it wouldn’t do you any good because they removed the listing. It would only take you to a page saying the product or page can’t be found until they relisted the item in question.

I understand this answer to your questions may be frustrating and believe me it frustrates me as well but I have no control over the HD website. I understand many of you are eager to purchase these tools ASAP on their website however as I mentioned above, they will eventually relist the item on their page. All we have to do is remain patient until they do so.

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