Fun Test – Makita Frankenstein Miter Saw – Can you Spot what’s Wrong with this Picture?

Today’s post is just for fun. Here’s a picture of a Makita cordless Makita 18V miter saw of an unknown model name that we’ll call the Makita Frankenstein Miter Saw.

There’s something seriously wrong with this picture, can you spot what’s wrong with the picture? 1 Billion points to whoever get’s it right.

I can’t take credit for this photo as good as it is. I’m not sure who photoshopped it but you can find it here at the Sydney Tools website.

1 Billion points prize is only fictional but you can pat yourself on your back if you figured it out. Tool Craze does not sell this product or any product on the Tool Craze website. Tool Craze does not handle the sale of any item in any way. If you purchase something through a post on the Tool Craze site, Tool Craze may get a small share of the sale. Please refer to the About section for more info.

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James C

I don’t see anything wrong. The throat plate will open up after a few sliding cuts. And changing the cut angle is overrated anyway.


There’s no handle to adjust/lock the miter angle. Also, and maybe it’s an add-on accessory, but I don’t think the light belongs.


The 0 degree marker is to the left, not on centre as it should be.


There’s two sets of slide rails?


I see that Sydney Tools has changed to pic to the correct one for the DLS600Z, so this is probably the only remaining frankensaw pic, lol.


It has a photoshopped power cord !


It has rails but no where to slide the blade to.

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