Hart 20V Cordless Power Tools At Walmart

You may know Hart as the brand that sells hammers, nail pullers and other related hand tools at the Home Depot but recently Walmart has been spotted as having new Hart branded cordless 20V power tools and hand tools.

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Matt from the Just Wrench It Youtube channel has posted a video of the new displays with all the new Hart branded tools sold at Walmart. At the time of writing, apparently not all Walmart’s have their Hart tool displays up but he was able to find one that did but I’m sure that soon enough most if not all Walmart’s will display the new Hart tools. The biggest attraction would have to be the new Hart 20V tools and there seems to be about 19 new Hart 20 volt cordless tools. The new tools include a drill/driver, impact driver, LED light, sander (maybe a round 5″?), jigsaw, tire inflator, circular saw, fan, a tool that appears to be either a rotary tool station or soldering tool station, a buffer/polisher, a tool that appears to be a right angle impact driver, hedge trimmer, vacuum, reciprocating saw, radio, string trimmer and 2 leaf blowers. The 20 volt Hart power tools run on lithium ion slide pack batteries. That’s not all the cordless tools as they also have a 4V cordless screwdriver.

They also have several hand tools which include measuring tapes, pliers multi-tool & pocket knife set, screwdriver bit sets (possibly impact rated), what looks like a Rotary tool accessory set, ratchet and socket sets, pliers sets, mechanics tool sets and screwdriver sets. They also have a few storage options with a small parts organizer, rolling tool box, tool bags and tool backpack.

What’s weird and interesting is that Hart is a TTI brand, the same TTI who makes Ryobi, Ridgid, Milwaukee and several others. Most TTI tool brands are found exclusively at the Home Depot however it’s interesting to see one of those brands being sold at one their competitors, Walmart. When it has come to power tools sold at Walmart, the trend in recent years has been with Stanley Black & Decker brands such as Black + Decker, Stanley and Bostitch brands along with other lessor known brands such as Hyper Tough. Maybe the SBD and Hyper Tough brands weren’t selling as well as Walmart had hoped and this is probably why they’re going with another established brand such as Hart. It’s also possible that Hart is selling rebranded Ryobi tools with updated housings. As we know, Ryobi tools are affordable and the new Hart tools sold at Walmart are also affordable as well with cordless tool kits and combos from $96-$148 and many of their hand tools in the sub $30 and $20 range.

Also a big thanks to Joshua B. and Jon for also spotting the new Hart tools at Walmart! Expect to learn more about the new Hart tools launch at Walmart from Josh the Tool Dude as we get more info.

Video and image credit all goes to the Just Wrench It Youtube channel

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With Stanley hand tools being moved to Home Depots this seems like a way for Walmart and TTI to stick it to SBD. It’s sad to see another established brand being cheapened like this. SBD did it with Bostitch (pneumatic tools all of a sudden having cordless drills and saws is so weird) and now TTI is doing the same with Hart (albeit not the high quality Hart of old).


It’s funny how you mentioned cheapened. Walmart needs to look at how much it is charging for this brand-way to expensive for Walmart. A brushless drill driver and impact combo w 2 2.0 batteries is $178. There are better deals to be found for Black Friday. Unless Walmart is going to reduce the price a bit, I can’t see these flying off the shelf.


The brushless combo kit is showing online for $178 which is rather high. That is the kit I was talking about.


That kit for $178 includes the drills, reciprocating saw, and another tool plus batteries so I’d say that’s not to expensive at all.

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