Hercules Professional 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Miter Saw Product Video

Harbor Freight just launched a video discussing their newly released Hercules Professional 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Miter Saw. This video shows us the new Hercules miter saw in action and goes over a few of it’s features.

We learned about the new Hercules miter saw earlier this week when I wrote about it. Check out my original article by clicking here. There isn’t much new content to glean from the new video from HF if you’ve already read my post on it. However one new tidbit I learned from the video is that the Hercules miter saw has a bevel tabs that can be accessed while standing in front of the saw. At first I thought this was great and thought that you no longer have to reach behind the saw to change bevel angles but then I realized you still do since the large knob in which you tighten the angle in place is still in the rear and can only be accessed by reaching behind the saw. It would’ve been great if changing bevel angles could all be done while in front of the saw.

We can also see in the video that this saw can easily cut what appears to be a 4×8 in one pass – no problem so it looks quite capable. If this new saw looks quite familiar to another well known power tool brand’s miter saw, then you agree with us. Check out my original article which explains many similarities between this saw and it’s direct competitor.

Big thanks to Joshua B. for spotting the new video.

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