Keter 22″ Professional Tool Storage

If the name sounds familiar that’s because it is as Keter has now come out with a new set of modular 22″ tool boxes identical to the Ridgid 22″ professional tool storage system. I previewed the Ridgid 22″ pro tool storage system late last year and since then it has become a hit with many including myself. They built a rugged storage system with 3 tool boxes of varying size from a small organizer to a large box labeled as the cart since it has 2 wheels and a telescoping handle and all are stackable and interlocking.┬áKeter’s version looks to be identical in every detail except for the grey accent color instead of orange and Keter’s logo on each.

17200383_main_zoomAll in the set offer rugged impact resin bodies, with a weatherstripping seal on each upper lid. Besides being stackable and interlocking, they can be locked together permanently with the use of an optional lock with the use of a tool bar (included only with the mobile gear cart) that slides into a notch on each box on the left side. Each unit has a main carrying handle along with the 2 interlocking handles. There are 3 tool boxes in the system, a large mobile gear cart that offers mobility with 2 large all terrain wheels, large storage area, and telescoping handle. This is the heart of the system if you are thinking of stacking the tool boxes together and wheeling them instead of carrying them although it is not necessary to purchase if you plan on carrying them.

17200382_main_zoomThe next in the group is the 22″ tool box. This is the medium sized of the group and resembles more of a traditional tool box in shape and features. And the smallest of the group is the 22″ gear 17200380_main_zoomorganizer and is similar to a suitcase in functionality as the main handle is on the front instead of the top so you carry it like a suitcase. Inside it offers 6 removable small parts bins and has a center area with 2 dividers. This organizer tool box works just like the name suggest to organize you smaller items.

What I like about the lids found on the 22″ tool box and gear organizer is that a metal bracket on the back of the lid keeps the lid upright instead of opening all the way back. This is a neat feature although it is not present on the mobile gear cart because the lid isn’t on a hinge and comes off completely.

Like the Ridgid pro tool storage system, these are similar to Dewalt’s Tstak and tough system and even Bosch’s L-Boxx systems, although much closer in terms of features and design of the DeWalt tough system. Ridgid held the advantage of being much more affordable than comparable storage systems and because of the mobile gear cart, doesn’t require an additional and truck to transport on the ground. At the moment I can’t find any retailers that offer Keter’s version of the Professional Tool Storage system so I can’t provide any info on pricing but if they’re anything like the Ridgid’s, they should be very affordable.┬áThe only downside at the moment with either Keter and Ridgid professional storage system is that there are currently only 3 tool box options at the moment. Comparable systems from other brands offer way more selection and variety, and some even include tool boxes with sliding drawers.

17201226_main_zoom ridgid professional tool storage tool craze ridgid_options_zoom 17201226_rolling_feature_zoom

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Can I buy this on line if so from where

Anthony Scicluna

Can I buy this tool storage on line if so from where and how much does it cost

Michael Noel

Home Depot has raised the price of the 22″ base unit from 59.00 to 199.99. Where can I buy the Keter system?


Keter makes them for Ridged
ridged is now home depot’s house brand for most non plumbing tools


There is 4 boxes that you can buy in the Ridgid set. They added a small parts organizer to the system now that has a clear top with plenty of bins for screws and other things. Meter makes the Ridgid boxes.