Klein Tools 120′ Steel Fish Tape 56333 Honest Review

In this article we will be reviewing the Klein Tools 120′ Steel Fish Tape 56333 . As a full disclosure, Klein Tools was kind enough to send me a product sample of the fish tape at no cost to me and as always I will provide my honest unbiased feedback. I am not paid or swayed in any way to give a positive review.

Klein just recently introduced a new line of fish tapes and this 120′ model is one of them. The new fish tapes have a new housing design that’s said to improves grip, leverage, and reduce binding. The case design is said to make paying tape out easier by optimizing the payout angle through the handle and the multi-position handle is said to give a firm, steady grip to pull or rewind tape from the case.

My thoughts:

I currently have a basic Greenlee 25 foot fish tape that I use when I need to feed cable. The design on that one is different because it has a small hand crank that must be turned to feed and retract tape. It’s pretty easy for the most part however the circular housing case design on the Klein is much easier (as are all other fish tapes that use this same design) since turning the housing case is much easier than hand cranking a small knob. Feeding tape and retracting is a breeze on the Klein tape. Only at the very end of the line when retracting is when it starts to get a little tight to retract. I liked that the fish tape inner circle has ridges and humps to make gripping easier when feeding or retracting.

The model I got was a steel tape model that’s about 1/8″ wide. It’s got a special coating that’s said to resist moisture and is said to not have an oily feel. After handling the tape with my bare hands, it doesn’t have an obvious oily feel but you can tell there’s some sort of residue but it’s subtle. The business end has a double hook for easy cable pulling and the tape itself has laser etched markings.

The top handle is multi position so you can use the top as a carry handle for transport and the side during operation. Either way it’s comfortable enough for use and has ridges that should help grip better even if your hands are sweaty.

I also tossed the fish tape in the air and had it crash on the ground from a 5 foot drop to test it’s durability on the job and it survived the drop without any damage so it appears to be rugged enough for abuse.

Personally the 120 foot length is completely over kill for my personal use but for the electrician that regularly does long runs, it should be perfect. If I was to get one, I’d go for the smaller 56331 50 footer as that would suit my personal needs better.

This Klein 120′ steel fish tape 56333 retails for $44.97 and is available now.

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