Klein Tools 40′ Glow in the Dark Fish Tape 50660

The Klein Tools 40′ glow in the dark fish tape 50660 has recently been announced. Let’s check it out below.

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Klein Tools 40′ Glow in the Dark Fish Tape 50660

Klein Tools 40 Glow in the Dark Fish Tape 50660

Running electrical wiring is often done in low light situations. That’s why making the fish tape glow in the dark makes so much sense. This would greatly help visibility in poor lighting. Klein did just that with their 40 foot fish tape that glows in the dark.

Klein Tools 40' Glow in the Dark Fish Tape 50660 hero

As you can see above, the entire fish tape rod itself glows in the dark.

Klein Tools 40 Glow in the Dark Fish Tape 50660 in action 1

Even the tip end glows in the dark as well as shown above.

Klein Tools 40 Glow in the Dark Fish Tape 50660 in action 2

The case is clear so you can see the internal fish tape cabling. This not only looks cool but having the case clear has is beneficial for the glow in the dark feature. This is because anything that glows in the dark, doesn’t automatically glow in the dark. It has to first be exposed to light so that it “soaks” up light to be able to glow. Once it absorbs enough light, it will then glow for a while as it little by little loses its light until it eventually stops glowing. The clear case will allow the fish tape to absorb light so that it can start glowing by the time it needs to be used. Very clever.

The fish tape is fiberglass and can be fully removed from its case and reinstalled. The other end features a stainless steel fish rod connector that can be used with their other fish rod accessories. This allows it to be used as a super flex glow rod as well.

Its small overall size of the fish tape makes it portable and easy to store. Even fits in a small’ish tool bag.

It is priced at $59.97 at the time of writing.

Klein Tools 40′ Glow in the Dark Fish Tape 50660 MFR Features

  • The unique clear case permits ambient light to easily charge the glow tape and tip, providing a bright glow for use in low light
  • The fiberglass tape is fully removable from case for wall cavity, drop ceiling and conduit pass through feeding
  • The anchor end features a stainless-steel fish rod connector for use with our fish rod accessories, allowing this fish tape to also function as a super-flex glow rod
  • An optimal fish tape for installing wire or cable behind walls and ceilings, in short box-to-box runs and branch circuits or in flexible tubing
  • Compact size makes it a great addition to your everyday tool bag

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  • Jeff says:

    For it to get that kind of glow, you need to leave out in the sun for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, most of us that use these keep them in our toolbox, so not much glowing goin on.

    • Javier says:

      In my experience with anything glow in the dark, you only need a few seconds to charge it. After a certain time, any additional time in the light does not make it last longer. you just need a strong source of light to give it the initial charge. No matter how long you charge glow in the dark items, they only glow for a short period of time before they need to be recharged.

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