Klein Tools New Fish Tape Line

(Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces the 2019 Fish Tape Line, with improvements across the board to make wire pulling easier and more efficient for electricians. With upgrades to both the steel and fiberglass models, these tapes were redesigned with feedback from tradespeople in order to maximize efficiency and durability.

All Fish Tapes

  • New housing design improves grip, leverage, and reduces binding
  • Case design makes paying tape out easier by optimizing the payout angle through the handle
  • Multi-position handle gives a firm, steady grip to pull or rewind tape from the case

Steel Fish Tapes

Fiberglass Fish Tapes

  • Strong S-Glass fiberglass has better pushing power while maintaining its low-friction maneuverability (Cat. No. 56350, 56351)
  • Multi-groove fiberglass has multiple groves molded into the fiberglass tape reducing friction, increasing flexibility without compromising strength (Cat. No. 56380, 56382, 56383)
  • Durable 7-inch spiral steel leader offers great flexibility (Cat. No. 56350, 56351, 56380)
  • Updated non-conductive nylon tip is narrower for easier feeding and chamfered for less catch when pulling (Cat. No. 56382, 56383)

“Our goal in redesigning Klein Tools’ fish tape line was to make every model excel on the job site, based on feedback we collected from end users in the field,” explained Aaron Holcomb, product manager at Klein Tools. “Utilizing a durable, high carbon steel, we were able to achieve smoother payout and improved durability to withstand drops, so now the materials and ergonomics match jobsite needs better than ever.”

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