Makita CXT 12V Line Trimmer UR100DZ – It’s a 12 Volt String Trimmer !

Makita’s 12V CXT power tool line is the fastest growing 12V line right now and it certainly shows with new tools constantly coming out like their newest outdoor power tool – the Makita CXT 12V Line Trimmer UR100DZ. This is their first 12V string trimmer!

This was spotted over in Australia thanks to Glenn. Great news for those of you in Australia while the rest of us here in the USA have to wait our turn. I do not know when or if we’ll get this here.

Being spotted in AU all the specs are in metric. What we know is the new 12V string trimmer appears to be very light weight coming in at 2.1 kg which translates to 4.62 lbs. I’m guessing this is the weight without battery but either way this tool will be extremely light. Light on weight but not so light on where it counts as it gets a respectable 260mm cutting swatch which translates to 10 inches, that’s not that far behind most of their 18V string trimmers actually so it’s pretty good in my opinion.

It uses 1.6mm line which is 0.062″ when translated which is thinner than traditional line but we’re talking about a 12V string trimmer here. Being a 12V tool I didn’t expect it to have dual line cutting and my guess is correct as it only uses one line to cut. Other features include a telescoping handle, the motor is mounted on the cutting head and a 10,000 RPM no load speed. I didn’t see the mention of variable speed so this will probably be the fixed RPM speed, in other words you’ll only get max speed at all times. Makita doesn’t talk about runtime but they say this is good for homeowners with small to medium yards.

  • Telescopic shaft with loop handle
  • Compact size is ideal for trimming
  • No Load Speed of 10,000 rpm
  • Up to 38 minutes continuous runtime
  • 1.6mm single nylon line
  • Voltage: 12V Max
  • Spindle Size: M8 x 1.25RH
  • Cutting Width: 260mm
  • No load Speed: 10,000rpm
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • 3 Years Warranty

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Makita are really starting to take it to Milwaukee in the 12v line. They just keep dropping tools into the market every few weeks.


I finally ordered one of these last week but it is currently only special order so I wont receive it til 12-14 of March.

After I get it and have a play I will post a few comments on it if that is ok.


Sounds good. Looking forward to it!


Hi, I received mine yesterday but although I had time to assemble it, I have not yet had the opportunity to use it so just some initial impression for now. It is very light, and indeed weighs only 2.1kg with a 4.0ah battery. It needs some minor assembly, being that the line guard needs attaching as well as the adjustable mid support handle. It comes with a spare reel of line that looks to be able to fill the spool as well as a shoulder strap and a bag that fits over the line head for clean transportation in a… Read more »


I finally got to use it a little a few days back. I must add from the outset, I don’t have a lot to compare it to other than a Ryobi 18v trimmer that I currently also have, and, many years back, a Kawasaki 2 stroke trimmer which really wasn’t very good. Besides that I have used other peoples mains and gas powered units on occasion but not enough to make any real solid comparisons. Also this is far from thorough and proper review, more just my thoughts as an average tool user. Plus I will leave the real reviews… Read more »


No worries! I hope the info came across as impartial and helpful. Yes, I feel it’s pretty good and in fact better than I originally expected considering the voltage. But being a top brand I figured I would just take the punt and buy it.

Now we just need Makita to release a brushless compact blower, a dremel type rotary tool, a circular saw like the M12, a spot polisher and I will be completely swapped to the CXT lineup lol.


This 10,000 rpm Makita CXT string trimmer has finally come to the USA, as the RU03ZX. It replaces the less-powerful RU03Z, which was derated to 9,000 rpm. Home Depot is listing both old and new: The RU03Z for $90, the RU03ZX for $94. Unfortunately, most buyers–and probably most sellers–won’t figure out the difference; Makita USA hasn’t announced the new model much less explain how it’s better.

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