Martha Stewart Living Electric Outdoor Power Equipment

What do you think of when you hear Martha Stewart? Now add outdoor power equipment to that list as she’s got a new line of electric outdoor power tools.

I’m just as surprised as you are but here we are and now you can buy Martha Stewart branded lawn power tools such as hedge trimmers, string trimmers, blowers, snow throwers, cultivators, pressure washers and others and even cut down some logs with your very own Martha Stewart branded 16″ chainsaw!

You can find these new Martha Stewart Living line of OPE over at the SnowJoe website and other places like Walmart, the Home Depot and Amazon. The fact that they are sold at SnowJoe website reminds me of last weeks Einhell article where they too are sold over at the same site along with Snow Joe and Sun Joe products. Unlike the Einhell tools which are most likely a brand under the same parent company as Sun Joe tools, these Martha Stewart outdoor power tools are all rebranded Snow Joe and Sun Joe products. They changed up the color scheme to a dull pastel green but other than that they are identical to their Snow/Sun Joe counterparts. While that green is the most common Martha Stewart color, they also have lifeless gray or as they call it “slate”, a mint color which I believe fits the Martha Stewart branding better and also black color but these are rare.

So far from what I can see, the great majority of these Martha Stewart rebranded outdoor power tools are all electric plug in, which means you don’t have the hassle of gasoline and come with easy push starting, however expect to run long extension cords to use around your yard. I only found one cordless tool in the Martha Stewart line that was an outdoor power tool and it was a small handheld 7.2V grass shear hedger tool. They also have a 4V power screwdriver however that’s technically not part of their outdoor power tool line. Most of the stuff I saw as Martha Stewart branded was entry-level to low level-midrange in terms of specs but Pricewise, they are very similar to their Sun/Snow Joe counterparts however some are just a tid bit more expensive but only a few dollars more.

A big thanks to Jon for spotting!

What do you guys think of Martha Stewart having a new line of electric outdoor power equipment? Are you going to rush out and buy some of these for yourself or your wives?

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