May 15, 2022 Blood Moon – Images of Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse

This past Sunday May 15, 2022 we had a lunar eclipse and it created an amazing “blood moon”. Hopefully many of you saw it with your own eyes as it was a sight to behold and interesting to see the dimly lit reddish hue moon that evening but if you weren’t able to you are in for a surprise as I was able to capture it with my trusty camera.

One of my hobbies is photography and I’ve taken several pictures of the moon in the past and while at first, photographing the moon can be a challenge, once you figure out the proper camera settings to do so, it’s very easy. However last night’s blood moon, not so much as it was very dim and therefore not much light was getting to the sensor. I had to take a slow shutter speed of a second just to get enough light in with these shots to get a properly exposed image. Both images are processed in post to taste.

The above image is a crop of another image I shot so you can see a bit more detail of the moon. The reddish hue makes it look like a blood orange up in the sky.

I’m really glad I got these images as last time there was a blood moon a few months ago, I wasn’t able to get any pictures because the sky in my area was cloudy/foggy so I couldn’t see the moon, or photograph the moon for that matter.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these photos of creation!


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