Milwaukee M18 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum 0880-20 Review

Lately Milwaukee has been releasing new products left and right and even released a new M12 Vacuum not too long ago. Today we’re going to focus on a Milwaukee product that was released years ago- the Milwaukee M18 cordless wet dry vacuum 0880-20.

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P1050026At a quick glance it looks like a small tool box. It even has a hinged lid just like a tool box that houses its 2 accessories (utility nozzle and crevice nozzle) and houses the battery compartment to protect it from liquid. The main features are a 2 gallon tank capacity with the ability to suck dry messes and liquids. Its a small portable hand held vacuum and comes with a premium hose with a rubber feel. The hose itself is short but can expand up to 6-1/2 feet easily. The hose goes into the built in side basket when not in use. I like that everything can be stored on or in the vacuum to keep things neat when stored and so nothing gets lost. The exhaust port on the vacuum doubles as a blower port and you can attach the hose on the blower port to blow away debris. Although it’s considered an M18 power tool, it is backwards compatible with Milwaukee’s previous generation 18V battery platform such as the V18 system.

One thing I’ve come to expect from Milwaukee power tools is strong performance and this one doesn’t disappoint in that department as this thing sucks, literally! It has very impressive suction, not only for a cordless vacuum but for its size as well. Just to give you an idea of suction performance, I would compare it to a 2-3 horsepower vac. It picked up light debris such as saw dust, drywall dust, and wood chips with ease. The included hepa filter did a fine job at filtering fine dust as I didn’t notice any come out of the exhaust port while vacuuming.

I’ve vacuumed my car with other cordless vacs in the past and have been disappointed but this vac managed to become quite useful as it did pretty good picking up dirt off of carpet floors and the fabric seats. Would have done better if a brush nozzle was included but for once I tried out a cordless vac that became useful for automotive use.

I also tested it out sucking up 2 gallons of liquid and its wet pick up was fast as you would expect. Even its blower did an excellent job. It’s great for blowing away saw dust from your work table and I like to use it blow away saw dust from my tools after a project. I even tried it out to blow off light debris from my driveway and it managed to do a fair job for a cordless blower. Not bad for a cordless vac blower but your leaf blower has nothing to get scared of as its not going to be replaced by this vac any time soon.

So it gets amazing performance in a small package but this is all at a sacrifice of runtime. I ran the vacuum with a fully charged M18 XC 4.0 amp hour battery and managed to get just over 14 minutes of use. The way I measure runtime is I only count the time the vacuum is powered and making suction. An 18 volt 4.0 amp hour battery is rather large and honestly I was a bit disappointed with the vacuum’s endurance. But considering the small 2 gallon capacity, 14 minutes should be more than enough to get small jobs done, and get done quick. Still though I would be more comfortable with atleast a 20 minute runtime.

What comes to mind is a high performance automobile, why? you ask, because sports cars are designed with high performance in mind and MPG is at the end of the priority list. This vacuum, like a high performance car, has great performance while chugging down on its fuel source (battery power). And like all cordless vacs, is designed for very small messes with portability in mind and so you don’t have to plug into an outlet. Even at the larger end of the spectrum with a 2 gallon tank, it’s still rather small so we have to remember cordless vacs aren’t meant to pick up large messes so even the short runtime will suffice. Final verdict: It’s an excellent vac if you value high performance over runtime.

This model comes as a bare tool only and is priced at $99 at time of writing.


  • 32 inch sealed suction in water
  • 2 gallon tank
  • 45 cfm Blower port
  • Height 11.5″ Width 19″
  • 1-1/4″ diameter hose & nozzles
  • 9.4 lbs weight
  • Hepa filter
  • On board storage
  • Tested runtime: 14 minutes 49 seconds

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